Turtle Feet Flower Basket

By  Chris Haughey 

  • Turtle Feet Flower Basket
  • Closeup View of Turtle


  • Basket available through your local craft store of farm market
  • Ball Knob Feet (#01-K523), 2-1/2", four, from Cupboard Distributing
  • Decorative ribbon, 1-1/2"-wide
  • DecoArt Americana Acrylics: Antique Rose, Avocado, Bleached Sand, Camel, Citron Green, Cool White, Deep Burgundy, French Vanilla, Gooseberry Pink, Hauser Light Green, Lamp (Ebony) Black, Light Cinnamon, Pansy Lavender, Plantation Pine, Royal Purple, Soft Black, Summer Lilac
  • FM Dynasty Black Gold, Series 206: Round, #3, #5; jumbo round, #24; Liner, #1; Script, #20/0; Filbert, #6; Angular, 1/8", 1/4", 3/8"; Shader, #2, #6; Flat Wash, 3/4"


  • DecoArt Americana: Acrylic Sealer/Finisher, Matte; Wood Sealer

Pattern - Turtle Feet Flower Basket

  • Preparation
  • 1. Lightly sand basket if needed. Spray with several coats matte spray sealer. Seal ball knob feet with Wood Sealer; sand lightly.
  • 2. Print out pattern; transfer basic pattern lines. (Transfer detailing as needed.)
  • Artist's Tips
  • 1. Use jumbo round brush for large flowers; use #3 and #5 rounds as needed for smaller shapes. Use angular for shading, script liner for all line work and fine details, filbert for rounded shapes, flat wash for basecoating large shapes, and liner for liner details.
  • 2. When painting on a textured surface, such as a rougher basket, allow texture to create interest in the design. Do not try to "disguise" the rough surface by overpainting. Allow some background to show through and do not attempt to achieve straight lines or sharp edges.
  • Leaves and Stems
  • 1. Use jumbo round to base leaves Avocado. Use dirty brush and Plantation Pine to shade along bottom and right sides, blending into Avocado. Wipe brush (do not wash) and load with Citron Green; highlight along top and left sides, blending only slightly into Avocado.
  • 2. Base stems Avocado; shade Plantation Pine and highlight Citron Green.
  • Lilac
  • 1. Double-load filbert with Summer Lilac and Pansy Lavender; start at end of petal and pull towards center, painting four to five petals per flower. Randomly paint flowers in a cluster. In same manner, double-load filbert with Pansy Lavender and Royal Purple; paint more flowers. Alternate colors of flowers covering entire lilac branch, but not filling solidly and allowing some background to show through. Use stylus to dot most flower centers Camel.
  • Daisy
  • 1. Use jumbo round to base petals Bleached Sand; while wet, load brush with Cool White and highlight petal ends. Use liner and thinned Lt. Cinnamon to paint petal veins. Use Soft Black to lightly shade around flower centers and between petals. Use jumbo round to base flower centers Camel; dip dirty brush into Lt. Cinnamon and darken along bottom edge, blending into Camel. Tap darker Lt. Cinnamon shading along bottom edge and not blending. Wipe brush clean and load with French Vanilla; tap highlights along top and lightly into center. Wipe brush and highlight Bleached Sand.
  • Ladybug
  • 1. Use jumbo round to base body Antique Rose; use angular brush to shade Deep Burgundy along bottom and highlight Gooseberry Pink along top. Base head Soft Black; shade Lamp Black along bottom. Paint antennae and spots Soft Black.
  • Poppies
  • 1. Use jumbo round to base petals Antique Rose; using dirty brush, dip into Deep Burgundy and pull shading from base of petal up blending into Antique Rose. Wipe brush and pull Gooseberry Pink from tips of petals down towards base. Wipe off excess paint and dry brush Bleached Sand highlights on tips of petals. Use script liner to paint Soft Black stamen in center of flowers. Use same brush to highlight Camel along stamen tops.
  • Daffodils
  • 1. Use jumbo round to base petals Bleached Sand; highlight petal ends Cool White. In same manner as daisies, use liner and thinned Lt. Cinnamon to add veins, and use Soft Black to lightly shade around centers and between petals. Base centers Camel; while wet, blend Antique Rose in middle of inside flower centers. Darken very center with Deep Burgundy. Use French Vanilla to lighten around edges. Add Bleached Sand highlights around edges. For bottom daffodil, shade Lt. Cinnamon below top lip and base of flower center. Add thinned Lt. Cinnamon veins at base. Paint stamen Camel.
  • Dragonflies
  • 1. Base bodies Hauser Lt. Green; shade Plantation Pine along right sides. Highlight Citron Green along top of head and left side of bodies. For wings, load filbert with Bleach Sand; starting at tip, pull towards body. Highlight wing tips Cool White. Use thinned Lamp Black to outline wings, paint veins and antennae.
  • Turtle Feet
  • 1. Base bottom of shell Avocado and top of shell Hauser Lt. Green. For each shell section, shade Plantation Pine along left side, across bottom, and along right side; highlight Citron Green across top of each section. Add Avocado dots in center of small bottom sections of top shell. Use Soft Black to paint area between shells and around face.

    turtle feet
  • 2. Base head Hauser Lt. Green; shade Plantation Pine along bottom and highlight Citron Green along top. Base eyes Bleached Sand. Use handle end of brush to dot eyeballs Camel. Use stylus to dot pupils Lamp Black. Add tiny Cool White highlight shine to pupils. Pull a Plantation Pine comma stroke eyelid across top of eye. Use thinned Lamp Black to paint a thin line along bottom of eyelid; paint eyelashes, eyebrows, and mouth. Shade Avocado below eyes and mouth. Highlight Citron Green along top of mouth. Paint nostrils Plantation Pine.
  • 3. Dry brush cheeks Gooseberry Pink. Add tiny Cool White highlight dots. Base feet Hauser Lt. Green; shade Plantation Pine along top of feet and highlight Citron Green along bottom. Use Plantation Pine to paint thin line between toes and to shade bottom shell below feet. Shade Citron Green along top edge of bottom shell. Use liner and Plantation Pine to paint long straight comma strokes on bottom of shell.
  • Finishing
  • 1. Use Avocado to paint handles and band around bottom of basket. Spray basket with several light coats of matte sealer. Glue or screw feet onto bottom of basket. Tie decorative ribbon around top of basket.