Sisters' Vintage Purse Album

for  Craft Marketing Connections, Inc.

size: 8"x8"x3"

  • Sisters' Vintage Purse Album
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  • FabScraps Hand Bag Album, 8”x8”x3”
  • Heritage Collection 12”x12” Papers*: Heritage Small Floral (4 sheets), Heritage Script 2 (3), Heritage Script 3 (2), Heritage Roses (2)
  • Die-Cut Embellishments*: “Life Story” Words, 2” Bird, 3” Lock, 2-1/4” Key
  • Metal Embellishments*, three: Birthday, Baby Girl, Keyhole Plate
  • Filigree Brass Shapes*, 12: Hearts, Flowers, Leaf Motifs
  • Charms*, 12: Keys, Hearts, Butterflies, Leaf Motifs
  • Plaid Wood Buttons*, 5/8” diameter, four
  • Brown Half-Pearls*, .157” diameter, 10
  • Flowers*: Silk, 2”-3” diameter, Gold (2) and Brown (4); Paper Roses, Light Pink (2) and Dark Pink (2)
  • Ribbon: 1/8” pink, 1/8” mauve, 5/8” pink argyle-print
  • Tan printer-weight paper, 8-1/2”x11”, several sheets
  • Photos, sepia-tone or black-and-white
  • Elmer’s CraftBond Black Photo Corners
  • Memorabilia including old letters, postcards, telegrams, birth announcements, etc.
  • *Products by FabScraps


  • Elmer’s X-ACTO Tools: 9” Paper Trimmer, 12” Metal Ruler, 5” Precision Tip Scissors
  • Design Master Spray Primer
  • Design Master ColorTool Spray Color: Chocolate Brown, Antique Gold
  • Quick Quotes Powder Puffs Amaretto Chalking Ink
  • Elmer’s CraftBond Adhesives: Repositionable Glue Stick, All-Purpose Glue Stick, Mini Thin Glue Spots, Medium Thin Glue Spots, Medium 3-D Pop-Up Glue Spots
  • 1. Gently remove purse handle from brackets. Lightly sand handle and brackets. Place purse in plastic bag; secure top of bag with painter's tape so only brackets show beyond bag.
  • 2. In well-ventilated area, spray brackets and handle with two coats Primer; let dry overnight. Spray primed areas Antique Gold. Holding Chocolate Brown at a distance, lightly spatter paint pieces. Let dry completely.
  • 3. Spray and spatter paint desired chipboard and resin embellishments in same way as handle; let dry.
  • 4. Plan layout of album, thinking in terms of front, back, and two-page spreads. Keep chronology of story in mind when planning layout. (Note: To create more story-telling space, as shown on next page, see Step 9.
  • 5. Remove album pages. Decide placement of papers on pages first, then photos, then embellishments.
  • 6. For album cover, plan on one style of paper to cover front, flap, and back of album. Select a second style to cover top, bottom, and inside.
  • 7. Cut paper pieces to fit album cover and pages; adhere to album with All-Purpose Glue Stick. To make it easier to see where to punch holes in paper-covered pages, cover one side of chipboard page, punch hole, then cover other side and punch hole.
  • 8. Apply chalk ink on all edges of album and pages, including hinge areas, as well as edges of Life Story die cut. Distress top edges of purse with sandpaper; ink edges.
  • 9. For more story-telling space, tri-fold a sheet of copy paper widthwise to create an accordion-fold insert. Trim length to fit on album page, ink edges, and glue to page. To create a pull tab, cut and fold a 3" length of argyle ribbon in half and adhere to edge of paper with Glue Spots.
  • 10. Use photocopier set at 50% reduction to copy memorabilia onto tan paper. Trim to desired sizes and ink edges. Type or hand-write any helpful information onto tan paper; trim to size.
  • 11. Use repositionable glue stick to temporarily adhere photos and reduced items as you plan layout. Detail cut some photos; add black photo corners to others.
  • 12. Add embellishments to pages, allowing some to extend beyond edge of page. Cut a 9" pink ribbon length and tie in a bow around heart charm before adding to front page.
  • 13. Position keyhole plate onto front purse flap, overlapping edge 1". Remove and fill in area behind keyhole with black marker. Adhere plate with Glue Spots.
  • 14. Use computer to format "Sisters" to fit on metal embellishment. Print onto tan paper, trim to size, and adhere to metal with Glue Spots. Adhere to purse as shown.
  • 15. Follow manufacturer's instructions to punch out and make paper roses; ink edges. Adhere paper roses and one silk flower to purse front with Glue Spots. Use Mini Glue Spots to adhere Life Story piece. Embellish purse with half-pearls.
  • 16. To embellish handle, string keys onto an 18" mauve ribbon length and tie into bow around handle. Position handle upright and adhere flowers against handle with 3D Glue Spots.
  • 17. Reassemble album.