Papermaking 1-2-3

By  Alison Rusk 

size: varies

  • Love Card
  • Different Paper
  • Items You Use To Make Paper
  • Shape Cut Outs
  • With Love Card
  • Flower & Ribbon Card
  • Glitters
  • Items You Can Use In Card
  • Angel Wings You Can Use In Cards


  • Junk mail including envelopes, fliers, etc.
  • Colored napkins or tissue paper in desired color(s)
  • Fresh or dried flowers
  • Fresh or dried herbs and/or spices, even grass
  • Assorted glitter, sparkles, etc.
  • Optional: Decorative napkins; fibers; paper blossoms; sentiment sticker


  • Arnold Grummer’s Papermill PRO
  • Arnold Grummer’s Medium Card-Making Templates: Folding Heart Card; Three Hearts
  • Papermaking-dedicated blender
  • Plastic dish tub filled with 2” of water
  • Pitcher of water
  • Tray, baking sheet or large container lid
  • Optional: “Love” craft punch
  • 1. Tear three-quarters of a recycled business-size envelope into fourths and place in old blender. Add 2c water. Blend for up to 20 seconds, or longer, depending on how fine you would like your finished paper. Designer Tip: Security envelopes will turn paper pulp a nice blue shade.
  • 2. Add a torn 2" square of colored napkin or tissue paper for color, as well as a pinch of any inclusions you like, including grass, Angel Wings, and iridescent flakes. Blend again for five seconds.
  • 3. Follow manufacturer's instructions to assemble Papermaking Kit, with grid on bottom, papermaking screen on top and Heart Template on top of that, if desired. Strap everything together and place in dish tub filled with water.
  • 4. Pour pulp into frame and use fingers to even out fibers. Lift entire frame up from bottom of grid and let water drain for a few seconds. Place on tray or baking sheet. Remove template and place gray screen on top. Sponge away excess water.
  • 5. If desired, separate plies of decorative napkin, trim desired image and place on wet paper before it dries completely. Napkin will blend with paper.
  • 6. Remove gray screen and place newly formed heart, or paper sheet, on work surface. Use blotter paper to absorb more water. Turn screen and paper over and gently remove screen. Let paper air dry or press with warm iron between paper towels to speed process.
  • 7. For cards, a folded piece of white paper can be placed inside to make writing easier. Embellish or punch card as desired.