Mosaic Garden Stones

By  Meredith Downs 

size: 6"

  • Mosaic Garden Stones
  • Bird and Butterfly


  • Flat round stones, 6” wide: four
  • Mosaic glass tiles, in assorted colors
  • Glass beads, in assorted sizes: black, brown, blue/green
  • Outdoor mosaic grout, in white or black


  • Wheeled tile nippers
  • Outdoor adhesive
  • Grout sealant

Basic Supplies

  • disposable containers, plastic spoons, black marker, transfer paper, white copy paper, paper towels or grout sponge, disposable gloves, paintbrush or craft brush, newspaper, craft stick

Pattern - Mosaic Garden Stones

  • 1. Cover work area with newspaper. Wash and dry stones.
  • 2. Print out patterns onto white copy paper. Transfer pattern onto flat surface on stone using transfer paper and pencil. Go over pattern lines with black marker.
  • 3. Use tile nippers to cut mosaic glass tiles to fit areas on design, beginning at center of design moving outward. Glue glass tiles as far around edges as possible, leaving small spaces between pieces for grout lines. Glue black glass beads on sun and bird for eyes, brown glass beads on butterfly's body, and blue/green glass beads on center of butterfly's wings. Let dry overnight following glue manufacturer's instructions. After dry, turn stone over and lay on paper towel. Glue remaining glass tiles around edges toward bottom of stone, leaving area that will touch ground clear. Let dry overnight following glue manufacturer's instructions.
  • 4. Wearing gloves, mix grout with water in disposable container following manufacturer's instructions. Use craft stick to apply grout over glass tiles, pressing and smoothing grout into grout lines. Let set.
  • 5. Wipe off excess grout with grout sponge or paper towels. Let dry overnight. Polish tiles with soft cloth to remove dust. Apply grout sealant; wipe off excess. Let dry.