Light Bulb Firefly & Beaded Mobile

By  Gayle Clancy 

Let's get crafty! Using wire, beads, and Christmas lights, you can create this beautiful firefly mobile!

  • Light Bulb Firefly
  • Light Bulb Firefly & Beaded Mobile


  • For Each Light Bulb Firefly:
  • Clear light bulb, 2” long
  • Gold or copper craft wire, 24-gauge, 31” length
  • Glass or plastic bead
  • For Beaded Mobile:
  • Craft wire: copper, 10-gauge, 36” length; gold, 20-gauge, 48” length
  • Assorted glass or plastic beads
  • Light Bulb Fireflies, three


  • Wire cutter
  • Pliers
  • Light Bulb Firefly
  • 1. Cut 10", 5-1/2", and three 5" lengths from wire. For hanger/first pair of legs, fold 5-1/2" length in half. Use pliers to form loop 1/4" from folded end. Separate wire ends and center loop over metal part of bulb. Wrap ends around metal and twist at bottom. Separate wire ends. (Note: Loop will be top of firefly; legs will be bottom.)
  • 2. For second and third pair of legs, hold two 5" wires together. Center legs over metal part of bulb. Wrap, twist, and separate in same way as first pair. To shape legs, use pliers to twist loop in each wire end. Use fingers to bend wire downward, about 1/3 from top of each leg. Bend wire outward, about 1/3 from first bend.
  • 3. For antennae, center remaining 5" wire under metal part of bulb, in front of legs. Wrap wire around metal and twist at top. Holding ends together, insert wire through bead; separate ends. To shape, bend two small loops in each wire end, forming a spiral. Slightly bend each antennae inward, forming "U" shape. (Note: Spirals should face outward.)
  • 4. For wings, center 10" wire under metal part of bulb, behind legs. Wrap wire around metal and twist at top; separate ends. To shape, use pliers to twist a loose loop in each end. Use fingers to continue shaping wire into spirals. (Note: Spirals should face inward.)
  • Beaded Mobile
  • 1. For top and bottom of mobile, use pliers to bend ends of copper wire into tight spirals. Bend entire wire length into loose spiral to form mobile.

    Light Bulb Firefly & Beaded Mobile
  • 2. Cut a 36" length from gold wire. Twist end around mobile near one spiral end. Wrap wire around mobile, threading beads onto wire as desired. Twist end near opposite spiral end to secure.
  • 3. To hang fireflies, cut remaining gold wire into three 4" lengths. Use pliers to bend a small loop at each end. Insert one end through hanging loop in firefly; pinch closed. Attach remaining loop to mobile around gold wire; pinch closed.
  • Other Options
  • 1. Make a firefly plant poke. Wrap an additional 5" length of wire around metal part of bulb, then wrap around wooden dowel or craft stick.
  • 2. Turn your firefly into a bee! Paint black stripes on a yellow holiday light bulb.
  • 3. Paint bodies with transparent glass paints.