Funky Flowers Caddy

By  Kelly Carolla  for  Mrs. Grossman's Paper and Sticker Company

Perfect for stashing anything from pens and a calculator to perfume and makeup, this tin carrier will keep teens organized at home, in their locker, or anywhere they go.

  • Funky Flowers Caddy


  • White metal lunch box tin
  • Flower stickers, jumbo
  • Creative Impressions metal square tag, 2”
  • Binder ring, 2”
  • Ribbon: black & white wide stripe, wide dot, thin dot; pink thin stripe


  • Fiskars round punch, 1/4”

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, craft knife, cutting mat
  • 1. Apply stickers randomly to tin, including lid. Use craft knife to trim overlap along edges. (Note: Use piece trimmed off for another area of tin, making sure to place cut edge of sticker along another straight edge on tin.)
  • 2. Apply center of sticker to square tag; trim away excess sticker. Re-punch hole in tag top. Use binder ring to attach tag to tin handle.
  • 3. Cut 7" length from each ribbon; tie to handle.
  • Tip
  • 1. When applying large stickers, press down one end, smoothing towards other end with your finger; this prevents creases and air bubbles. Use a craft knife and cutting mat when trimming excess sticker from the tag edges, for precision and accuracy.