Flower Pen Bouquet

By  Linda Hollander 

size: approx. 10" tall

  • Flower Pen Bouquet


  • Clay pot, 5" tall
  • Americana Acrylic Paints (DecoArt): Baby Pink; Calypso Blue; Hauser Green Light; Lemon Yellow; Royal Fuchsia; Titanium White
  • DecoArt DuraClear Matte Varnish
  • DecoArt Mediums: Faux Glazing; Pearlizing
  • Assorted pastel silk Gerber daisies, seven
  • Stick pens
  • Dried pinto beans, 16 oz.


  • Loew-Cornell American Painter paintbrushes: Wash, Series 4550, 1"; Flat, Series 4250F, #12; Liner, Series 4350, 10/0
  • White Rustoleum Sandable Primer
  • Floral tape, 1/2"-wide
  • Household cellulose sponge

Basic Supplies

  • craft knift, wire cutter, optional: blow dryer, rubbing alcohol
  • 1. Spray entire pot with primer. Let dry. Repeat. Load barely damp sponge with Titanium White. Stipple outside of pot and inside rim 2". Let dry or force dry with blow dryer. Repeat until opaque. (Note: Let dry several days for paint to cure. Uncured paint will pull off when using painter's tape to make stripes.)
  • 2. For checks, load damp #12 flat with mix of equal parts Calypso Blue and Glazing Medium to paint checks on collar of pot. Stand brush up on chisel (knife) edge and stroke check from top to bottom. Quick Tip: Practice this technique on scrap paper first. Make three checks in descending order. Continue making checks in this manner around the entire rim.
  • 3. Dip end of handle of liner in Lemon Yellow to make dots between checks. Reload paint for each dot to make uniformly sized dots, let dry.
  • 4. For stripes, tear off four strips of painter's tape approximately 12" long. With pot upside down, position first strip of tape so center of tape covers hole in bottom of pot. The ends of tape strip should extend to bottom of rim. Continue placing strips of tape around pot spacing them evenly. Burnish tape down with fingertip to seal edges.
  • 5. Use #12 flat to paint stripes mix of equal parts Hauser Green Light and Glazing Medium. Stroke paint vertically to avoid leakage under tape. Remove tape while paint is still wet. If paint has dried, use craft knife to lightly score edges of tape to break seal that formed. Use damp 1" wash to remove any paint that may have bled under tape. If paint has dried it can be removed carefully with rubbing alcohol.
  • 6. Use #12 flat to paint rim of pot mix of equal parts Hauser Green Light and Glazing Medium.
  • 7. Load liner with mix of three parts Baby Pink and one part Royal Fuchsia to paint squiggly lines between stripes. Use Baby Pink to highlight some areas.
  • 8. Load liner brush with Calypso Blue thinned slightly with water. Place brush tip at center of swirl and use a circular motion to complete swirl. Let dry.
  • 9. Load 1" wash brush with Pearlizing Medium. Apply an even coat over outside of pot. When completely dry, apply varnish.
  • 10. For pens, cut stem casing on six flower stems with craft knife approximately 6" below flower. Cut casing on one flower approximately 7" below flower. Use wire cutter to remove wire stems. Cut two 24" lengths of floral tape for each flower. Remove caps from pens. Hold pen with tip down next to stem so pen is approximately 1" longer than stem. Beginning in middle of pen, wrap tape securely around pen and stem and continue wrapping tightly toward tip. Wrap a second piece of tape from middle of pen toward top of flower's stem covering top of pen completely.
  • 11. Apply a small piece of painter's tape to cover drain hole in pot. Fill pot with dried pinto beans. Poke longest flower in center of pot. Arrange remaining daisies around center flower as desired.