Earthy Stepping Stones

By  Michelle Zimmerman and Helen Bradley  for  AMACO

size: flower, 8"x8"; circle, 9"

  • Earthy Stepping Stones
  • Earthy Stepping Stones


  • AMACO Crea-Stone, 3 lb. box (to make two stones)
  • Assorted mosaic tiles, stones, and glass beads


  • Disposable protective gloves
  • Disposable container
  • Recycled square cardboard box
  • Spring form cake pan, 9”

Basic Supplies

  • measuring cup or container, large zip-lock bag, craft stick, soft cloth
  • 1. Wearing protective gloves, measure out required amount of Crea-Stone. Mix Crea-Stone and water to 1-1/2 lb. weight for one stone in disposable container following manufacturer's instructions.
  • 2. For flower, pour 3/4 of wet mix into square cardboard box; press down on box top to create even surface. For circle, pour wet mix into cake pan; press down on top to create even surface.
  • 3. For flower, form petal shapes from remaining Crea-Stone and position on flower. Indent rounded shape for flower center. Use craft stick to make indentations and add flower leaves.
  • 4. For circle, press two large stones into surface for flower centers. Add six groupings of glass beads around centers for flower petals. Press mosaic tiles below flowers for stems. (Note: Add a little water around beads as you press into surface so wet mix rises up and holds beads in place.) Let stones set overnight to dry.
  • 5. Remove cardboard box and release spring from cake pan. Let stones completely dry. Use soft cloth to polish glass beads to remove dust.