Cupcake Pop-Up Presentation Box

By  Lynn Roberts 

size: 3-1/2" cube

  • Cupcake Presentation Box
  • Box and Ribbon
  • Lid Almost Open
  • Inside Box


  • DeLovely Collection double-sided 12"x12" patterned cardstock, 2 sheets (Cosmo Cricket)


  • Scoring board
  • Adhesives: double-sided tape; clear dots

Pattern - Cupcake Presentation Box

  • 1. Print and cut out pattern. Trace pattern twice onto back of patterned cardstock; cut out on outline only. In addition, cut a 3-1/2" square.
  • 2. Place box pieces side by side on work surface as indicated on pattern, with desired side of paper facing up. Fold vertical lines as "mountain folds" (fold paper away from you so fold points up). Reopen cardstock. Valley fold top two horizontal lines (fold paper toward you). For ease of cutting, cut out shaded triangles while cardstock is folded. Mountain fold bottom two horizontal lines. Reopen cardstock.
  • 3. Place double-sided tape on wrong side of lid tabs. With lid folded down, attach left and right pattern pieces together with tabs. Repeat for box tabs, placing tape on right side of tabs. Gently push box down into lid to secure.
  • 4. For base, fold A base tabs under; crease firmly with fingernail. With B base tabs at left and right sides of box, fold bottom C tab down, then right B tab, then top C tab, then left B tab. Tuck lower right corner of last B tab under edge of bottom C tab. Box bottom should form an "X."
  • 5. Gently open box and tape 3-1/2" paper square into bottom to reinforce box and secure bottom tabs.
  • 6. For flower closure, cut two 12"-long cardstock strips, one 1/2"-wide and one 3/4"-wide. In addition, cut two 3-1/4"-long strips of same widths. Cut and piece together individual flower and leaf elements from cardstock scraps; adhere flower layers with clear dots and set aside.
  • 7. Overlap closure strips by 1/4" and adhere to create 15"-long strips, 1/2" and 3/4"-wide. Adhere strips on top of each other. Beginning from end of shorter piece, fold at 2", 5-7/8", 9-1/4", and 12-7/8". Adhere ends, overlapping 1/2". Closure sides are 1/8" larger than box so band will slide easily; adjust depending on cardstock weight. Adhere flower.