A Day At The Beach Tote

for  Craft Marketing Connections

size: 10"x13"

  • A Day At The Beach Tote


  • Canvas tote with wooden handles, 10”x13”
  • Coordinating-color buttons, 5/8”; three orange, two yellow, two lime green
  • Assorted coordinating-color ribbons, 1/4”-wide, 8 yds.


  • Elmer’s: Painters: Medium Paint Markers: Orange, Yellow, Lime Green, Pink; Fine Paint Marker: Black
  • Elmer’s: X-ACTO Products Precision-Tip Scissors, 6”
  • Elmer’s CraftBond Glue Spots: thin-medium

Basic Supplies

  • paintbrush, paper towels, water, white copy paper
  • 1. Referring to photo, lightly sketch curved horizon line (where green grass ends and background begins.) Sketch simple flowers and stems or desired design. Write words or sentiments of choice in desired fonts. Lightly sketch design and sentiments on tote bag.
  • 2. Insert white copy paper inside tote bag (to protect from paint seepage). On front of bag, use paintbrush and water to dampen green grass area. Use Lime Green paint marker to sketch grass lines in wet area, allowing paint to bleed. Use paper towel to blot areas that are too dark, add more water to blend, or add more paint marker to any areas that are too light. Let grass dry completely.
  • 3. Paint water into large orange flower area. Use Orange paint marker to draw curved lines to make simple petals, starting in middle and working out. Let lines bleed. Add dots with Yellow paint marker to center if desired. Repeat process with yellow and pink flowers and butterfly using Yellow, Pink, and Orange paint markers. Let design dry completely.
  • 4. Referring to photo, use Black paint marker to draw casual petals, stems, and leaves over painted designs. Trace over lines several times to smooth or widen edges. Let dry.
  • 5. Use Black paint marker to trace over sentiments, creating font styles of choice. Let dry.
  • 6. Use glue spots to attach buttons along top edge of tote bag. Use precision-tip scissors to cut 24 12"-long assorted ribbon lengths. Randomly attach ribbons onto tote bag handles using overhand knots. Apply glue spot underneath each knot, securing onto handles.