A Bunch of Carrots

By  Christine Moran  for  Decadent Fibers

  • Bunch of Carrots


  • Custom Hand Dyed Wool Roving*


  • Felting Needles*, two
  • Decadent Foam* (to protect work surface)
  • *Products by Decadent Fibers
  • 1. Roll a piece of carrot colored wool roving into a carrot shape, piercing wool with felting needle in an up and down motion. Jab in and out as you turn and shape carrot on Decadent Foam. As fiber becomes firm, focus on shaping, but needle felting harder and jabbing needle deeper into carrot shape on one end to create narrow pointed end. Embellish with shades of green and orange and create creases and lines in carrot. Add more fiber as needed and bend and shape carrot as desired.
  • 2. For carrot top, cut green chenille yarn. Place one end of green yarn on top of carrot and needle felt in place. Use small piece of green fiber to secure yarn to carrot.