Woven Plastic Bag Basket

By  Tiffany Threadgould  for  RePlayGround

  • Woven Plastic Bag Basket


  • Recycled plastic pint basket
  • Recycled plastic bags, in assorted colors
  • Pony beads, in assorted colors

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler
  • 1. Measure and cut plastic bags into 1"-wide strips.
  • 2. Beginning at bottom of plastic pint basket, begin weaving strips in and out of holes on basket. Tie ends together. Use scissors to trim ends. Alternate plastic bag strips creating colorful pattern.
  • 3. To add pony beads, weave plastic bag strips in and out of holes on basket, insert pony beads on strips; knot ends.
  • 4. For basket bottom, tie plastic bag strip on center of basket. Weave plastic bag strip in spiral pattern, covering all areas of bottom of basket. Knot ends.