Quilled Fairy

By  Karen Perry 

It's like magic! Coil, glue, and piece together paper strips to create an enchanting little fairy who will captivate and charm all who see her.

  • Quilled Fairy
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  • Quilling paper, 1/8”-wide: light blue, white, black, peach
  • Heavy cardboard, 6” square
  • Decorative thread or cord, 8” length
  • Waxed paper


  • Paper adhesive
  • Optional: Acrylic sealer

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, toothpick, straight pins

Pattern - Quilled Fairy

  • 1. Print and cut out pattern. Place fairy pattern on cardboard and wrap with waxed paper. To quill, cut paper strips to lengths indicated. Dampen strip end and roll around toothpick; hold for 10 seconds, then release and adhere. With coils still on toothpick, pinch circles to form shapes.
  • 2. For dress and hair flower, cut 30 4-1/4" lengths and a 2-1/8" length from light blue strips. Set aside 2-1/8" length. Make 29 teardrops (Fig. 2) and one eye (Fig. 3) with 4-1/4" lengths

    Fig. 2 Teardrop

    Fig. 3 Eye
  • 3. For head, cut 8-1/2" length from peach; make circle (Fig. 1). For neck and upper arms, cut five 4-1/4" lengths; make one teardrop and four eyes. For lower arms and legs, cut 14 2-1/8" lengths; make 10 teardrops and four circles.

    Fig. 1 Circle
  • 4. For hair, cut six 4-1/4" lengths; make two circles, two half circles (Fig. 4), and two teardrops. For wings, cut eight 8-1/2" lengths.

    Fig. 4 Half Circle
  • 5. To assemble fairy, pin head to cardboard over pattern. Adhere neck to head and light blue teardrop to each side of neck. Adhere light blue eye under neck and teardrop to each side of eye. Adhere three teardrops at waistline, leaving bottoms unglued. Adhere teardrops as shown to form dress.
  • 6. For arms, adhere eyes and teardrops as shown. Adhere circles to ends for hands, pushing in slightly to make ovals. Adhere legs as shown.
  • 7. For hair, adhere circles, then teardrops, then half circles. For hair flower, cut slits in 2-1/8" light blue strip (Fig. 5). Roll strip around toothpick, loosen slightly, and adhere. Adhere bottom to hair; let dry. Use toothpick or pin to fluff and bend paper between slits to look like flower.

    Fig. 5 Strip
  • 8. For wings, form three loops inside one another as shown, wrapping and adhering strip to secure.
  • 9. Adhere wings to arms. Apply sealer, if desired. Remove angel from waxed paper and insert thread or cord through hair for hanger; knot ends.