Lavender Garden Nest

By  Edwin R. Smith 

Perched happily among lavender, raspberries, and hydrangea, these birds are nestled into this grapevine arrangement which was designed as a match to the Lavender Garden Votive Centerpiece.

  • Lavender Garden Nest
  • Lavendar Set


  • Honeysuckle vine ball, 9” diameter
  • Artificial flowers and greenery: raspberry spray with 12 berries, 12” length; lavender hydrangea blossoms; lavender (dried or artificial); assorted small blossoms and foliage; large leaf; bear grass, one bundle; Spanish moss, small amount
  • Purple mushroom birds, 3” tall, two


  • Wire cutters
  • All-purpose adhesive
  • 1. Press ball against table to flatten slightly. Gently pull apart vines to create 3" opening. Cut excess vines with wire cutters.
  • 2. Form Spanish moss into 2-1/2"-diameter nest. Glue large leaf inside ball, nest to leaf, and one bird to left side of nest. Glue bear grass to left side of ball, extending both downward and upward. Cut apart raspberry spray; glue to center of bear grass near opening. Fill in areas around raspberry with small sprigs of foliage.
  • 3. Glue assorted flowers to ball around raspberry and inside ball near nest. Glue lavender vertically as shown. Fill in with assorted flowers and foliage. Glue remaining bird near upper left side of opening.
  • Tip
  • 1. Hang ball while designing for easier placement of flowers and foliage.