A Place in the Sun

By  D. Diorio 

size: 9"

  • A Place in the Sun


  • Styrofoam plate, 9”
  • Chenille stem, 6” length


  • Craypas or oil pastels, in assorted colors
  • Pencil with sharp point
  • Masking tape

Basic Supplies

  • eraser, paper towel, newspaper (to cover work surface)
  • 1. Have kids research Post-Impressionism and view paintings from this time period. Use pencil to draw outdoor or nature scene on styrofoam plate.
  • 2. Use pencil with sharp point to carve drawing outline into plate.
  • 3. Use craypas or oil pastels to color in areas of drawing. Have kids use bright colors like those in Post-Impressionist paintings.
  • 4. Use paper towel to gently smudge colors and blend shades.
  • 5. For hanger, measure and cut 6" chenille stem length. Bend chenille stem into hook. Use tape to tape hanger on back of painting.