Quilt Flowers Memory Board

Do you have an old keepsake quilt you just can't part with? Preserve it by turning it into a memory board with rolled fabric flowers!
By  Joan Martin Fee 



  • Fabric, 1¼ yd. 
  • Wooden floral accent pieces, two 
  • Frame, 24”x36”
  • Foam board, ¼” thick, 24”x36” 
  • Quilt batting, 1¼  yd.
  • Ribbon, ½” wide, 6 yd.


  • Off-white spray paint
  • Button cover kit
  • Wire cutters
  • Round nose pliers
  • Box cutter
  • Picture hanging kit with screws and wire
  • Craft adhesive 

basic supplies

  • Ruler
  • Sandpaper
  • Scissors

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memory board

1. Sand frame and wipe off dust. Adhere floral accent pieces to top and bottom center of frame. Let dry. Spray paint frame in a well-ventilated area. Let dry.

2. Measure inside dimensions of frame and carefully cut foam board to fit using box cutter. Cut batting same size. Adhere batting to top of foam board and let dry.

3. Place fabric right side down on work surface. Center foam board on fabric with batting side down, leaving 2” around all edges. Wrap excess fabric to back side, cut edges to make even if necessary. Adhere fabric in place, easing in fabric at corners so it lays flat. 

4. Place foam board with fabric side down on work surface. Slide a length of ribbon under board, diagonally across middle leaving 2” on each end and pull tightly.  Adhere ribbon ends on back. Repeat at opposite corner to form an X. 

5. Turn board right side up. Place lengths of ribbons equal distance apart parallel to the X formed in Step 4. Pull ribbon tightly and adhere to back of board.

6. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to cover buttons with fabric. Adhere buttons where ribbons intersect as shown.

7. For hanger, insert screws in frame 5” from top. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to add wire hanger.

8. Make fabric rolled roses and leaves. Adhere as desired.

rolled flowers 

1. Cut fabric in desired width and length. A 1”x29” strip yields a ¼”x1½”x1½” rose; a 1½”x22” strip yields a ½”x1¼”x1¼” rose.

2. Fold fabric strip in half lengthwise and finger press. Tie knot in one end.

3. Roll fabric around knot two times and secure with a dot of adhesive. 

4. Twist loose end of fabric and add a dot of adhesive. Press fabric firmly to adhere.  Continue rolling and twisting the fabric, stopping at every twist to add a dot of adhesive.

5. When you have reached your desired size, secure end with adhesive. Flatten flower by pressing with hand.

6. Cut felt slightly smaller than back of rose and adhere. Repeat with all roses.

7. For leaves, cut 2”x 3” piece of green fabric. Fold in half lengthwise and finger press.  Fold one short end toward center to meet long edge. Repeat on opposite side to form triangle. Scrunch leaf toward center and adhere to secure.

8. To create rolled rose picks for bouquets, make a ¼” wide hook on one end of floral wire using round nose pliers. Insert wire into rose and felt. Add a dot of adhesive on hook and pull between fabric rolls to hide. Wipe off excess adhesive.