Double Pocket Pot Holder

By  Mary Beth Temple 



Therma-Flec Heat Resistant Heavy Cotton Silver Batting, 9”x9”

Fabric in contrasting colors, two fat quarters 

Extra wide white double fold bias tape

Sewing thread: white, contrasting color 


Sewing machine 

Sewing needle and thread



Straight pins

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Project Instructions

1. Round off corners on 9”x9” Therma-Flec. Use rounded Therma-Flec as template to cut two pieces from one fat quarter and one from second fat quarter for pockets. 

2. Fold pocket piece in half and trim 1” on the fold, 2” total. Cut two 9” pieces of bias tape and bind inner long edge of both pocket pieces. Stack fabric pieces as follows: back fabric right side down, Therma-Flec silver side down, front fabric right side up, pocket pieces right side up. Pin layers together as shown. Trim all edges even if needed. 

3. Fold back bound edge of each pocket and sew all layers together around outer edge. Cut 7” piece of bias tape for hanging loop and sew down both long sides. Fold hanging loop in half and pin to a corner, raw edges aligned with raw edges of the fabric stack. 

4. Pin bias tape around entire potholder, beginning at corner with hanging loop. Fold end of bias tape under and cover beginning of bias tape. Baste bias tape into place, adjusting as needed and remove pins. Fold hanging loop upward and zigzag stitch around entire potholder.