Cacti Tote Bag

By  Deborah Green 

size varies


Plain canvas tote bag


Permanent markers in various colors including neon and metallic

basic supplies

Iron and pressing surface
Old newspapers

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1. Iron tote bag so it’s crease-free and flat. Refer to coloring diagram to roughly sketch out cacti design onto tote with pencil.

2. Place old newspaper or sheets of paper inside bag so markers don’t bleed through.

3. Practice coloring on paper; try out different strokes and techniques to find a method that works best for you. Color in base of cacti as shown and let dry.

4.Draw patterns and details onto cacti base. Add lines, crosshatching, colored shapes, small flowers and ladybugs as shown. Let dry.

5. Add little ladybugs running up the bag handle as shown. Let ink dry. If desired, heat set by placing a clean cloth over fabric and iron each side for 3-5 minutes on low setting with no steam.

Remember, if you layer Sharpie colors you need to let the first layer dry before working over it. This will make the end result much cleaner looking. 

Reprinted with permission from Your Sharpie Style by Deborah Green, published by Harper Collins, ©2016.



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