Free Stitch Wool Felt Wallet

Hand paint and free motion stitching give this wool-felt wallet a unique design.
By  April Moffatt 



  • Gray wool felt, 9”x12”
  • Scrap rose fabric
  • Scrap tulle 


  • Sewing machine and burgundy thread
  • Decoart Americana Paint: Dark Scarlet, Deep Burgundy, White Birch, Green Beret, Apple Green
  • Round paintbrush 

basic supplies

  • Scissors

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Project Instructions

1. Print full-size patterns here. Cut out patterns from wool felt and transfer flower design onto outer piece of large wallet.

2. Mix (1:1) mixture of Dark Scarlet + Deep Burgundy and paint flower petals. Paint leaves Green Beret; let dry. Highlight leaves Apple Green; let dry.

3. Free-motion stitch over design with burgundy thread. Stitch scrap pieces of rose fabric over painted petals. Set aside.
4. Stitch across top straight edge of each wallet pocket pieces. Take large wallet piece and pin pocket pieces according to diagram. Stitch a line straight down center of credit card pockets. Stitch outside edges of pocket pieces to large wallet piece.

5. Stitch two large wallet pieces together so pockets are on one side and painted flower design is on the other.