Pirate Moustache and Beard

By  Stella Bee and Jemma Bell from Pirates and Pompoms 



  • Felt or fleece, 2”x15”, 6”x12”
  • Dressmaker’s carbon paper
  • Elastic
  • Wadding or cotton wool 


  • Embroidery needle and thread

basic supplies

  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Pencil or empty ballpoint pen

This is an excerpt from Pirates and Pompoms by Stella Bee and Jemma Bell. Used with permission from Laurence King Publishing.

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Project Instructions

1. Print full-size patterns here. For moustache, fold felt or fleece in half along its height. Roughly cut out moustache pattern and pin to fabric. Carefully cut out moustache, pinching two layers of fabric close to the line to get a clean cut.


2. Unpin and remove pattern, re-pin two sides of fabric together. Sew two sides together using blanket stitch starting at center of moustache.

3. As you come to the end of the first side, remove pins and stuff wadding or cotton wool in between two halves — not too much, just enough to give the moustache a little shape. Use a ballpoint pen or the wrong end of a pencil (nothing sharp) to help you push stuffing to ends of moustache. Continue sewing using blanket stitch. Before sewing second half of moustache close, stuff with wadding or cotton wool. Thread final stitch through first stitch and fasten off stitching on back of moustache.


4. For beard, lay piece of carbon paper over one end of fabric and lay pattern on top. Pin around edges of design, and trace over beard pattern with a hard pencil or an empty ballpoint pen.

5. Remove pattern and carbon paper, fold fabric in half and pin two layers together around inside edge of beard shape. Cut around lines, pinching together the part you are cutting with fingers. 

6. Unpin two sides and stitch details onto front side of beard.

7. Sew elastic in position on back piece of beard using matching thread.

8. Line up two sides of beard, pin together and blanket stitch together starting at the outer left-hand corner.

9. At each valley crease, stop using blanket stitch and use running stitch to create a loop as shown. Continue with blanket stitch until next join. When you have stitched almost all the way around, stuff beard with wadding or cotton wool and complete stitching.

10. Fasten off. This won’t be seen, as it will be under the moustache.

11. Pin moustache and beard as desired. Stitch together using matching cotton thread. Fasten off. 


Excerpt from Pirates and Pompoms by Stella Bee and Jemma Bell (Copyright © 2016). Used with permission of Laurence King Publishing.