Sock Lamb Baby Blanket

By  Mary Ayres 

size: 29" long


  • Fabrics: ivory polar fleece, 3/4 yd.; white satin blanket binding, 2-1/4 yds.
  • White men’s tube sock
  • Lt. blue satin ribbon, 1”, 1/2 yd.
  • Embroidery floss: lt. blue; black


  • White quilting thread
  • Fiberfill stuffing
  • Sewing & embroidery needles

Pattern - Sock Lamb Baby Blanket

  • 1. For head, cut across sock 4" from toe. Stuff head fairly firmly with fiberfill stuffing. Turn raw edge under 1/4"; whip stitch opening closed.
  • 2. Cut 5" length from sock above first cut. Cut length in half vertically to make two arms. With fold along one side of each piece, turn raw edge under on long side and one short side and pin. Whip stitch turned edges together. Stuff arms fairly firm through opening on remaining short side. Turn raw edges under at ends of arms; whip stitch closed. Whip stitch arms to sides of head in front about 1" up from bottom (long stitched edges of arms should face back).
  • 3. For face, print and cut out pattern. Cut 2-3/4" polar fleece circle; transfer face. Using two strands of black floss, stem stitch muzzle, and embroider eye lines with several straight stitches. Use three strands of floss to blanket stitch around face to attach to head.
  • 4. For ears, cut two 2-1/4" polar fleece circles. Cut circles in half. Place ear pieces together in pairs; use three strands of lt. blue floss to blanket stitch around edges to join. Fold ears slightly off center ; use thread to whip stitch to top sides of head. Longer side of ears should face back.
  • 5. Cut a 22"x24" polar fleece rectangle. Cut 22" length from satin binding; place over bottom edge of fleece rectangle and pin. Cut two 25" lengths from satin binding. Use three strands of lt. blue floss to embroider name on one length if desired. Quick Tip: Use computer and interesting font to print name on paper, then transfer to binding. Pin binding to rectangle sides, turning raw edges under 1/2" at ends. Use three strands of lt. blue floss to blanket stitch binding pieces to fleece through all layers.
  • 6. Sew basting stitch across top of polar fleece rectangle (not across satin binding at top). Pull basting stitches to gather so fleece will fit around bottom of lamb's head. Whip stitch top of fleece around head under arms with blanket opening at center front (sew on underside of blanket).
  • 7. Tie ribbon bow; trim ends. Sew bow center to center top of blanket.