Puppy & Mouse Caps

By  Susan Cousineau 

size: baby


  • Cotton caps: blue or pink
  • Felt: cream; dark brown; pink
  • Dark brown embroidery floss
  • Pink ribbon (for mouse cap), 1/8”, 10” length
  • Pink ribbon rosebud (for mouse cap), 1”


  • Fabric adhesive spray
  • Air or water-soluble marker
  • Embroidery needle

Pattern - Puppy & Mouse Caps

  • 1. Print and cut out patterns. Cut felt as indicated.
  • 2. Use pattern as placement guide to adhere nose to face, and face and cheeks to cap. Use two strands of floss to blanket stitch around face, nose, and cheeks. Transfer eyes and mouth; use two strands of floss to backstitch mouth and add French knots for eyes.
  • 3. For puppy cap, fold ears in half, then use floss to stitch along top of fold onto top sides of cap.
  • 4. For mouse cap, sew ears to cap in same way as puppy, except flip ears up at back and stitch together once ears are stitched to cap. Tie ribbon bow and trim ends. Stitch or hot glue bow to top right side of cap and rosebud to bow center.