Block Print Pillow

By  Linda Hollander 

size: 14"x19"

  • Block Print Pillow


  • Double-sided cotton placemat
  • Tassels, four
  • Fairfield Poly-Fil Supreme Ultra Plush FiberFill, 8 oz.


  • Plaid Fabric Creations Fabric Ink: White, Metallic Sterling Silver, Black
  • Plaid Fabric Creations: Medium Baroque Medallion Block Printing Stamp, Foam Printing Mat, Sponge Cubes
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Small Mixed Alphabet Stencil Set
  • Small stencil brush
  • Needle and thread
  • Seam ripper
  • Dressmaker’s pencil

Basic Supplies

  • palette, yardstick, craft stick, paper towel, painter’s tape, scrap fabric
  • 1. Mark center of placemat with dressmaker's pencil. Place Medium Baroque Medallion Block Stamp down diagonally and centered on mark. Trace square around block stamp using dressmaker's pencil. Use traced square as reference and create grid pattern using yardstick.
  • 2. Use tape to protect trim edge of design area. Mix Metallic Sterling Silver + small amount of Black on palette. Load one side of sponge cube with ink mixture and pat onto block printing stamp. Load stamp with ink and press stamp onto scrap fabric. Repeat until you get several good impressions. Begin block printing placemat in center square. Use pencil gridline as guide and continue printing on every other square. Reload ink for each impression. Let dry.
  • 3. Load stencil brush with White and offload excess onto paper towel. Use circular motion to apply ink over alphabet stencil of choice. Press stamp onto scrap fabric until you get several good impressions. Block print in empty squares of grid pattern. Reload ink for each impression. Let dry.
  • 4. Remove pencil gridline marks using damp paper towel.
  • 5. Open 3-4" area around outside edge of placemat using seam ripper. Stuff with fiberfill until firm. Hand-sew opening closed.
  • 6. Attach tassels to corners using needle and thread.