Reversible Curtains

By  Chris Malone 

size: 42-1/2"x48" per panel


  • Coordinating prints, 3 yds. each: cream; pink
  • Trims (Wrights): Mocha Maxi Piping, 2-1/2 yds., four; Prestige Wired Satin Chocolate Brown Ribbon, 1-1/2”, 1-1/2 yds, two


  • Straight pins
  • Plastic ring, 1/2”, two
  • Tieback holder or cup hook, two
  • Iron and pressing board
  • Sewing machine with zipper foot and matching thread
  • 1. Cut 43"x53-1/2" rectangle from each fabric, making sure to cut off selvedge edges.
  • 2. To create one long piece of piping, remove 1" of stitches from one end of each piece. Push piping filler to one side and sew fabric ends together, with right sides facing. Trim seam to 1/8" and press open. Put piping filler back in place, trimming as necessary. Replace fabric cover and stitch.
  • 3. With raw edges together, pin piping to right side of fabric panel front. Using zipper foot, machine baste close to cord. Attach piping down one long side, across bottom, and up other side, clipping corners as you go.
  • 4. With right sides of fabric facing, pin panel front and back together; sew around using 1/4" seam, and leaving 8" opening at top for turning. Trim corners at angle and turn right side out. Fold in seam allowance and hand sew opening closed.
  • 5. For rod pocket, fold front top over 5" to back; press. Sew in place close to edge. Measure 2-1/4" from seam and sew. (Note: This pocket will accommodate a flat rod or small round rod, up to 1-1/4" diameter. For larger rod, increase size of pocket.)
  • 6. Sew ring to center of ribbon length. Attach tie back holder or cup hook to wall or window trim at desired height. Attach ring to hook, wrap around curtain, and tie bow at front.
  • Note
  • 1. Instructions are for one curtain panel; repeat for matching panel.