Playful Butterflies Quilt

By  Holly Daniels 

size: 42"x52"

  • Playful Butterflies Quilt
  • Closeup View
  • Block
  • Corner A
  • Corner B
  • Wing A
  • Wing B


  • Cotton fabrics: border/binding, 1-1/4 yds.; butterfly body, 1/4 yd.; white background, 1 yd.; assorted wing fabrics, 16”x9”, 12
  • Backing fabric, 48”x60”
  • Batting of choice, 48”x60”


  • Sewing machine with coordinating threads
  • Rotary cutter with mat
  • Ruler, 6"x12"

Basic Supplies

  • pencil, scissors, straight pins, iron and pressing surface
  • 1. For each butterfly, cut four 4"x4-1/2" wing pieces, four 1"x4-1/2" body pieces, and twelve 1-7/8" background squares. Machine-sew each body piece to wing piece with long sides together to form 4-1/2" square. Press seams toward wing. Separate squares into two piles labeled "A" and "B."

    Wing A

    Wing B
  • 2. Using pencil, draw diagonal line across back of each white square from corner to corner. Machine-sew one white square to three corners of each pieced square. (Note: Stacks "A" and "B" are sewn to different corners.) Press seams toward corner. Trim excess fabric from back of corner triangles, leaving 1/4" seam allowance.

    Corner A

    Corner B
  • 3. Arrange four squares as shown. Machine-sew units together in pairs creating two rows; press seams open. Machine-sew rows together to make block. Repeat Steps 1-3 to make 12 blocks. Arrange blocks in four rows of three blocks each.

  • 4. Cut four 2-1/2"x34" strips of white fabric. Cut each strip into four 8-1/2" lengths. Machine-sew each strip to right and left sides of butterfly blocks. Press fabric away from blocks.
  • 5. Cut five 2-1/2"x32-1/2" strips of white fabric. Machine-sew strips to tops and bottoms of rows made in Step 4. Press seams away from blocks.
  • 6. Layer quilt top, batting, and backing. Pin or hand-sew to secure layers. Quilt as desired. Trim backing even with quilt top.
  • 7. Cut five 2-1/2"x40" strips of border fabric for binding. Machine-sew strips together on short edges to make one long strip; press seams to one side. Fold strip in half lengthwise, enclosing wrong side, to make 1-1/4"-wide strip. Machine-sew binding strip to front of quilt top, then turn to back and secure by hand- or machine-sewing to enclose raw edges of quilt. Discard excess binding.