Festive Tree Skirt

for  Husqvarna Viking

size: 36"x36"

  • Festive Tree Skirt
  • Closeup View


  • Quilter’s fabric: green solid, 1-3/4 yds.; dark green print, 1/2 yd.; solid red, 1/8 yd.
  • Ribbon, 1/2”-wide, 2 yds.
  • Red cording, 1-1/3 yds.
  • Red pom-pom fringe, 3-3/4 yds.
  • Pellon 810 Tru-Grid Pattern Making Material, 39”x39”
  • Threads: Robinson-Anton 40 wt. Rayon Embroidery Thread, two contrasting colors; Mettler Sewing Thread


  • HUSQVARNA VIKING Sewing Machine with 1/4” Piecing Foot, Open Toe Foot, Braiding Foot, and Zipper Foot
  • HUSQVARNA VIKING Inspira Tear-A-Way Stabilizer
  • Embroidery needle, size 90
  • Disappearing ink pen

Basic Supplies

  • straight pins, scissors, rotary cutter with cutting mat, ruler, iron and pressing surface

Pattern - Festive Tree Skirt

  • 1. Print out full-size pattern.
  • 2. For tree skirt panels, fold 39"x39" fabric into fourths. Mark quarter circle with 18" radius. Fold in half creating eighth circle. Add 1/4" seam allowance to each side.
  • 3. Cut four 39"x39" panels from green solid and four panels from dark green print. Using template, cut four ornament appliqués from red solid. Cut four 6"x6" squares and four 2"x14" strips from stabilizer.
  • 4. Attach Open Toe Foot. Thread machine with 40-weight ‍rayon thread. Draw vertical line down center of each dark green panel. Measure up 4" from bottom (outside) curve and place a mark on center of line. This will be the placement point for appliqués. Mark center of each appliqué piece.
  • 5. Match center of appliqué to mark on dark green print; pin. Place tear-a-way stabilizer underneath. Select narrow satin stitch. Sew around ornament, covering raw edges. Choose decorative stitch and sew down center of each applique ornament.
  • 6. Cut gray section of ornament template and place it over applique, matching centers. Trace curved line on each side of center using fabric marker. Select another decorative stitch and sew along curved lines.
  • 7. Thread machine with 40-weight ‍rayon thread in contrasting color. Choose reinforced straight stitch, narrow zigzag or other narrow decorative stitch. Sew between the rows as shown. Repeat steps 6-11 for each of the dark green panels.
  • 8. Attach Braiding Foot and select zigzag stitch. Set length and width to 3.0. Place 2"x14" stabilizer strip under panel. Feed rat tail cord through Braiding Foot hole. Couch it down on marked line on each of the four panels. Remove all stabilizer from back of panels.
  • 9. Cut 22" length of ribbon; set aside. Cut remaining ribbon into four equal pieces and tie into bows.
  • 10. Select bar tack or button sewing stitch. Attach Open Toe Foot and tack ribbons in place at top of each ornament.
  • 11. Attach 1/4" Piecing Foot. Select center needle straight stitch. Place a green solid panel right sides together with a dark green print panel. Align raw edge of fabric with outside toe; sew. Continue until all panels are in pairs. Sew pairs together into sets and then the sets of four together; leave one seam open. Press all seam allowances open.
  • 12. Attach Standard Foot. Pin ball fringe to right side/bottom edge of skirt, making sure that balls face in toward center. Stitch in place.
  • 13. Place tree skirt right side up on flat surface. Cut remaining ribbon in half for ties. Pin one ribbon piece at top of open panels on the center back of the skirt. Excess ribbon should be facing into tree skirt. Place tree skirt and 39"x39" lining right sides together; pin.
  • 14. Attach Zipper Foot. Select left needle position straight stitch. Sew all the way around tree skirt, leaving an 8" opening along one edge of center back. Trim lining even with tree skirt.
  • 15. Turn right side out and press. Attach standard foot and choose center needle straight stitch. Topstitch edge of center back panels and along edge of hemline, close to ball fringe.