Bird on a Wire Lap Quilt

By  April Moffatt 

size: 43"x60"

  • Bird on a Wire Lap Quilt
  • Layout Diagram
  • Diagram 1
  • Diagram 2


  • Cotton fabrics: white, 1/2 yd.; green, 2/3 yd.; aqua, 1/2 yd.; gray, 2/3 yd.; green (backing), 1-1/2 yds.; aqua textured (border strips), 1/2 yd.; floral print (binding), 1/2 yd.; coral (bird), scrap
  • Fairfield Soft Touch Cotton Batting, 45”x60”
  • Black embroidery thread


  • Sewing machine with matching threads

Basic Supplies

  • embroidery needle, straight pins, scissors, thimble, iron and pressing surface
  • 1. Print out full-size patterns. Cut bird from coral fabric.
  • 2. Cut 3"x9" quilt blocks from pressed fabrics: white, 17; aqua, 21; green, 27; gray, 28. Cut two 8"x42" strips from aqua textured. Cut six 2-1/2"x44" strips from floral fabric; sew short ends together at 45° angles to form binding.
  • 3. Position pressed blocks on large flat work surface, five blocks wide and 17 rows deep following Layout Diagram on page 24. Machine-sew blocks in first row together using 1/4" seam allowance to make strip. Press all seams open. Repeat with remaining rows. When all rows are sewn, machine-sew rows together with 1/4" seam allowance. Press all seams open. Trim away excess block ends. When all rows are sewn together into one panel, sew aqua textured panels at top and bottom.
  • 4. Position quilt backing fabric right side down on flat surface; smooth out wrinkles. Position batting on top of backing. Position quilted panel right side up on top of batting. Trim batting and backing to same size as quilted panel; pin layers together.
  • 5. Hand-quilt or machine-quilt layers together.
  • 6. Press raw edges of bird under 1/4". Hand-sew bird onto quilt front using matching thread following placement on Layout Diagram. Backstitch wire under bird using black embroidery thread.
  • 7. Position binding strips right sides together at 45° angle. Trim excess seam allowances; press open. Press strips lengthwise, matching raw edges. With right sides together, starting on center of one side, leaving 6" of binding on end, machine-sew raw edges of binding strip to raw edges of quilt front. Machine-sew along side, stopping 1/4" from corner; remove fabric from machine. Fold binding strip straight up at 45° angle; fold straight back down on other side and pin. Continue sewing 1/4" from edge until reaching next corner. Repeat corner process.
  • 8. Continue stitching binding strip to quilt edge, stopping about 6" from starting position. Remove quilt from machine. Open binding, measure, and pin. Machine-sew binding, then refold in half lengthwise. Pin raw edges to raw edges of quilt and continue sewing. Bring folded edge to back of quilt, miter corners, and hand-sew into place.