Yo-Yo Christmas Stocking

By  Mary Ayres 

size: 14" tall

  • Yo-Yo Christmas Stocking


  • White wool felt, 3/8 yd.
  • Lightweight cotton fabric, 1/8 yd. each: bright green; lime green
  • Ribbon, 8” lengths of each: red check, 1/2”; green check, 1/2”; bright green grosgrain, 7/8”; red, 5/8”; lime green satin, 1-1/2”; red dot satin, 7/8”
  • Lime green, wide, single-fold bias tape
  • White pearl beads: small; large
  • Assorted sequins: green; iridescent white; red; silver
  • Seed beads: lime; red; silver


  • Lime green sewing thread
  • Bead thread
  • Sewing needle
  • Straight pins
  • Optional: circle templates, 1-1/2”; 2”

Pattern - Yo-Yo Christmas Stocking

  • 1. Print pattern. Add 6"x10-1/2" rectangle to side indicated on pattern; cut out. Cut two stocking shapes from wool felt.
  • 2. Pin ribbon pieces at angle across stocking front, using photo as guide. Sew in place, close to ribbon edges. Trim ribbon ends even with edges of stocking front.
  • 3. Cut nine 1-1/2" lime green and six 2" bright green circles; make yo-yos. Leaving space at sides for bias tape, and using photo as guide, sew yo-yos and pearl beads to ribbon pieces. To do this, place yo-yo on stocking. Threaded with bead thread, bring needle up through center of yo-yo, then through pearl bead. Bring needle back through center of yo-yo to wrong side of stocking; knot at back. (Note: Sew large pearl beads to larger yo-yos and small pearl beads to smaller yo-yos.) Sew sequins and seed beads to ribbon pieces in same way.
  • 4. Sew bias tape across top of front and back stocking shapes. Place stocking shapes together with right sides facing out. Sew bias tape along side and bottom edges of stocking shapes to join them, leaving 6" extending above heel side of stocking top.
  • 5. Fold 6" of bias tape at stocking top over to front top of stocking. Sew large bright green you and pearl bead to top of stocking, covering end of bias tape. Sew large bright green yo-yo and pearl bead to stocking toe. Sew remaining small lime green yo-yos and pearl beads to ends of bottom ribbon piece on stocking.
  • How to Make a Yo-Yo
  • 1. Using a circle template, compass, small bowl, or tin can, draw circle on wrong side of fabric; cut out.
  • 2. Thread needle, and make large knot in the end. Fold fabric edge over 1/8" to wrong side; sew small running stitch around edge. Pull stitches tightly to gather; knot to secure.
  • 3. Trim thread ends and tuck inside yoyo. (Note: Finished yo-yo will be approximately half the size of fabric circle.)