Shadow Applique Snowman Ornament

By  Chris Malone 

size: 5" square


  • Fabric: blue dot, 8”x12” scrap or 1/4 yd.; red, green, red, and orange prints or solid scraps; cream chiffon, 4-1/2” square
  • Fleece or batting, 5-1/2” square
  • Embroidery floss: blue; green; red; black; brown; white
  • Black seed beads, two
  • Buttons: black, 1/4”, three; white, 1/4”, five; white, 5/8”
  • Red pom-pom, 3/8”
  • White dot sheer ribbon, 1/2”, 9”


  • Blue sewing thread
  • HeatnBond Lite lightweight fusible adhesive (ThermOWeb)
  • Fabric glue
  • Air-soluble pen

Pattern - Shadow Applique Snowman Ornament

  • 1. From blue dot fabric, cut 4-1/2" square for front; 5-1/2" square for back; two 1"x4-1/2" strips and two 1"x5-1/2" strips for border.
  • 2. Print and cut out pattern. Draw patterns onto paper side of fusible adhesive; cut out shapes just outside traced lines.
  • 3. Follow manufacturer's instructions to apply fusible adhesive to wrong side of appliqué fabrics. Cut out on traced lines and remove paper backing. Center and arrange shapes on right side of blue front; fuse in place.
  • 4. Place chiffon over design and baste to background close to edge. Sew short running stitch around each shape, right beside appliqué, using blue floss for body, green for scarf, red for hat, and orange for nose. Make three short straight stitches across carrot nose. For scarf fringe, make two straight stitches to form small "V" and add French knot at point. Make four sets of fringe stitch across each end of scarf and outline knot at neck with running stitches. Stitch top of hat band with red. Embroider smile with black and twig arms with brown. Sew beads to face for eyes and black buttons down center of body.
  • 5. Sew 4-1/2" strips to ornament sides; press seams outward. Sew 5-1/2" strips to top and bottom; press seams outward.
  • 6. Place ornament front and back together, right sides facing; pin to fleece. Sew all around, leaving 2-1/2" opening at bottom. Clip corners; trim fleece close to seam. Turn right side out. Fold in seam allowance on opening; slip stitch closed. Use blue floss to sew small running stitch around design, close to border seam.
  • 7. Use white floss to sew small white buttons to background for snowflakes. Glue pompom to hat.
  • 8. Fold white ribbon in half and sew larger button to ends to hold loop. Glue to back of ornament at center top, with button facing out, for hanger.
  • Note
  • 1. Use one strand floss for all embroidery. Use air-soluble pen to transfer pattern lines for smile and arms. Seams are 1/4" with right sides together.