Needle-Felted Clay Pot Wraps

By  Mary Ayres 

  • Needle Felted Clay Pot Wraps


  • Clay pots: 6”, 8”
  • Homespun silk or natural fabric, 1/4 yd.
  • Wool roving, small amounts: turquoise; bright blue; lt. orange; med. orange; red; lt. blue; white; lavender; burgundy; lt. pink; bright pink; lt. green; med. green
  • Warm & Natural needled cotton batting
  • Off-white odd flat buttons, 1/2”, eight
  • Beads: white heishi; black 10/0 seed, three; orange rocaille, three
  • Black pearl cotton, #8
  • Cords, four each: red, 22" length; hemp, 25" length


  • Americana Acrylic Paints: Payne’s Grey, Bleached Sand, Terra Cotta
  • DecoArt Weathered Wood Crackling Medium
  • Large needle felting mat
  • Needles: felting; embroidery
  • Aleene’s Fabric Fusion

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, straight pins, paintbrush, ruler

Pattern - Needle Felted Clay Pot Wraps

  • 1. Print and cut out patterns.
  • Bird Pot
  • 1. Paint side of 6" pot Payne's Grey. Let dry. Brush one coat of crackling medium on top of Payne's Grey; let dry. Brush one coat of Bleached Sand on top of medium, and also on bottom and inside of pot. Cracks will appear on side of pot as paint dries. Dry brush outside of pot with Terra Cotta.
  • 2. Cut shape around bird fabric and batting. Pin batting to back of fabric shape. Use one strand pearl cotton to blanket stitch around edges of shapes to join them.
  • 3. Make copy of bird pattern. Cut out bird from pattern. Pin pattern to fabric shape. Place fabric shape on needle felting mat. Work turquoise wool roving in cut-out area of pattern, then work bright blue along underside of bird and tail feathers to shade. Remove pattern. Cut out wing from another copy of pattern, pin to fabric, and work med. orange wool roving into cut-out area. Work light orange along top edge of wing to shade. Pull off three tiny pieces of red wool roving. Wet roving pieces and roll into balls. Work balls evenly spaced across wings.
  • 4. Use one strand pearl cotton to backstitch leg lines. Sew: white heishi and black seed bead to bird for eye; black seed beads to ends of legs; orange beads to red circles on wings; button to each corner of fabric.
  • 5. To attach wrap to pot, cut four 22" lengths from red cord. Wrap center of each cord around button. Tie ends of cord lengths in two knots at center back of pot.
  • Flower Pot
  • 1. Follow same basic instructions as Bird Pot, using flower pot pattern. Paint side of pot Bleached Sand, then apply crackling medium, and Payn'es Grey top coat on medium, and inside and bottom of pot.
  • 2. Work lt. blue wool roving on flower pot, shading bottom and side edges with turquoise, and one side of pot with white for a highlight. Needle felt and shade flowers (left to right): red with burgundy; med. orange with lt. orange; turquoise with bright blue; lt. pink with bright pink; red with burgundy. Needle felt lt. green into fabric for leaves, shading bottom edges with med. green. Use one strand black pearl cotton to backstitch flower stems.
  • 3. To attach wrap to pot, cut four 25" lengths from hemp cord for ties at sides of fabric cover.
  • Decorating Tip
  • 1. To keep painted pots looking nice, put plant into smaller pot and saucer and place inside painted pot. For example, put a plant in a 4" pot and saucer and place inside a painted 6" pot, or put a plant in a 6" pot and saucer and place inside an 8" pot.