Gingerbread in a Bag Ornament

By  Chris Malone 

size: 5" tall


  • Fabric: print, 4”x9”: red; gold; Rainbow Classic Felt (Kunin), 9”x12”: Copper Canyon
  • 6-strand Embroidery Floss: Black (310); Red (347); Brown (434); White (DMC)
  • White baby rickrack, 3” length
  • Black beads, 3mm, two
  • White buttons, 1/4” two
  • Green grosgrain ribbon, 5/8”, 14” length
  • Red and white berries on wire, five
  • Cinnamon sticks, 4-5” long, three


  • Matching sewing threads
  • Fiberfill stuffing
  • Optional: Fusible adhesive
  • No-fray solution
  • Glue
  • Iron and pressing board

Pattern - Gingerbread in a Bag Ornament

  • 1. Print and cut out patterns. Cut materials as indicated.
  • 2. Use black floss to sew black buttons to face on gingerbread front for eyes. Use two strands of red floss and outline stitch to embroider smile; make a French knot at each end.
  • 3. Use two strands of brown floss to blanket stitch gingerbread front and back together, right sides out. Lightly stuff each section with fiberfill.
  • 4. Cut 7/8" and four 5/8" rickrack lengths, angling cut at each end. Apply no-fray solution to ends; let dry. Glue longer piece to top of face and shorter lengths to ends of arms and legs, as shown, for icing.
  • 5. For bow tie, cut 3/4"x1" red print rectangle. Apply no-fray solution to all sides; let dry. Using matching sewing thread, sew gathering stitches up center of rectangle. Pull stitches to gather tightly; wrap thread around center and knot. Glue bow tie to neck.
  • 6. Use white floss to sew white buttons down front of gingerbread.
  • 7. Appliqué heart to bag front.
  • 8. Sew bag front to one lining piece across top edge only. Repeat with bag back. Flip open and join bag pairs, with bag sides and lining sides together. Sew all around, leaving a 1-3/4" opening along one side of lining (Fig. 1). Clip curves and turn right side out through opening. Slip stitch opening closed and tuck lining inside bag. Press.

    Fig. 1
  • 9. Tie knot at each end of ribbon and tack or glue knots to top sides of bag.
  • 10. Glue cinnamon sticks and berries to bough picks. Place picks inside bag, adding glue to secure if desired. Place gingerbread man inside bag.
  • Note
  • 1. There are two ways to appliqué heart to bag front. Fusible method: Use fusible adhesive to fuse heart to fabric and, if desired, finish edges with floss and blanket stitch. Traditional appliqué method: Cut out heart a scant 1/4" from pattern line, clip at top of heart almost to line, turn all edges under, and use small invisible stitch to sew to bag. All seams on bag are 1/4" with right sides together.