Woodland Forest Friends

By  Kajsa Kinsella  for  The Northern Shores

sizes: 3"-4"

  • Forest Felt Friends-Full Pic


  • Felt: white, light brown, pink, dark brown, orange, red, yellow, green, black
  • Small beads: seed, wood, stick
  • Flower sequins
  • Jute twine


  • Sewing machine with matching thread
  • Embroidery floss, in matching colors

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, parchment paper, pencil, pinking shears, needle

Pattern - Woodland Forest Friends

  • 1. Print out full-size patterns. Trace and cut patterns from felt. (Note: Each animal requires two identical head pieces (face and back) except owl, which needs just one of each three body parts (face, belly, and back). There are a few tiny parts that may be easier to freehand cut if you feel confident.)
  • 2. Cut string into 6-1/4" lengths; make loop. Machine-sew loop ends to backs using matching thread. Set head backs aside.
  • 3. Hand-sew felt features to faces as shown, using running stitch in matching floss. Hand-sew bead and sequin features to faces with thread. Lazy daisy stitch bear cheeks and backstitch bear mouths with floss.
  • 4. Stack head pieces with wrong sides together for foxes, badgers, and bears. Blanket stitch around outer edge of each animal.
  • 5. For owls, blanket stitch around sides and bottom only of back piece with matching floss. Machine-sew belly piece to back, stitching across top of belly only, leaving belly bottom edge unsewed. Blanket stitch face to body along sides only with matching floss. Knot ends.
  • Tip
  • 1. For a striking table-top display, spray paint natural tree branches white. When dry, stand branches in a tall vase with a few dried leaves scattered around base. Hang woodland forest friends from branches.