Reindeer Tea Towel

By  Mary Ayres 

size: 21"x27"


  • White hand towel or linen rectangle, 21”x27”
  • Red solid or print fabric for appliqué


  • Red embroidery floss
  • White sewing thread
  • Needles: embroidery; sewing
  • Iron-on adhesive
  • Optional: Sewing machine

Pattern - Reindeer Tea Towel

  • 1. Turn raw edges of linen rectangle over 1/4", then turn edges over 1/4" again. Machine or hand stitch close to turned edges.
  • 2. Print and cut out patterns. Cut piece from iron-on adhesive slightly larger than reindeer. Follow manufacturer's instructions to fuse adhesive piece to back of red fabric. Cut reindeer from fused fabric; remove backing. Adhere reindeer to front of towel, centered from side to side with bottom of legs 3-1/2" from bottom of towel.
  • 3. Use one strand of floss to blanket stitch around reindeer edges.
  • 4. Transfer antlers and lettering; use one strand of floss to stem stitch.