Holiday Bear In A Needle-Felted Coat

By  Mary Ayres 

size: 12-1/2" tall


  • Brown faux fur, 1/2 yd.
  • Wool felt: red; tan; dk. blue
  • Wool roving, small amounts: lime green; assorted colors for ornaments on tree
  • Black beads, 6mm, two
  • Black flat two-hole button, 1/2”


  • Embroidery floss: red; tan; black
  • Sewing thread: brown; white
  • Fiberfill stuffing
  • Needles: embroidery; sewing; felting
  • Large felting mat
  • Straight pins

Pattern - Holiday Bear In A Needle-Felted Coat

  • 1. Print and cut out patterns. Enlarge bear pattern 200% on photocopier. Cut two bear shapes from brown fur and one muzzle from tan felt. Transfer details to muzzle. Use two strands black floss to stem stitch muzzle details. Use white thread to sew button to top of muzzle line. Use pattern as guide to pin muzzle to front of bear. Use three strands tan floss to blanket stitch around muzzle to attach it to bear.
  • 2. Use brown thread to sew bear shapes together with right sides facing, 1/4" from edges, leaving leg open between dots. Clip seam at lines indicated on pattern. Turn bear right side out through opening.
  • 3. Use brown thread to sew across bottom of ears, following stitching lines on pattern. Stuff arms and leg without opening. Sew across stuff arms and legs, following stitching lines on pattern. Stuff body and head. Sew across remaining leg, following stitching lines on pattern. Stuff remaining leg; hand sew opening closed. Use brown thread to sew black beads to eye dots, going through head to make indentations. (Note: To cover thread on back of head, cut fur without backing from a scrap piece of fabric, put a dab of glue on top of threads, and sprinkle fur on glue.)
  • 4. Cut coat from blue felt and tree shape from pattern. Remove tree and keep area around tree in one piece. Pin pattern to front of coat with blue felt showing through open area of tree. Place front of coat on felting needle mat. Pull off a small piece of lime green wool roving. Twist strands slightly so edges are smooth and begin placing roving in open tree area on felt. Punch with needle tool until shape lies flat. Continue placing roving in open area of tree until entire tree is covered. Remove pattern from coat. Add additional roving around edges to even out tree as needed.
  • 5. Continue felting ornament circles on tree with assorted roving colors in same way. Remove coat from mat. Use one or two strands black floss to sew crosses over each ornament.
  • 6. Fold coat along dotted lines on pattern with right side facing in. Sew along dashed lines for side and underarm seams. Use three strands red floss to blanket stitch around bottom edges of coat.
  • 7. For scarf, cut 1-1/2"x24" strip from red felt. Make 1"-long cuts in ends for fringe. Tie scarf around neck.