Angel Quilt Ornament

By  Mary Ayres 

size: 3"x4"


  • Assorted cotton fabric scraps: blue dot; yellow stripe; solid medium blue
  • Warm & White Needled Cotton Batting, 3-1/2”x4-1/2” (The Warm Co.)
  • Rickrack: white medium; yellow baby
  • Hemp cord, 10” length
  • Light blue satin ribbon, 5/8”, 1/4 yd.
  • Flat buttons: 5/8” ivory with two holes, one; 5/16” white pearl, two; 3/4” yellow star, one
  • Dark blue glass luster seed beads, size 10/0, two
  • Square wood dowel, 3/8”, 5” length


  • Iron-on adhesive
  • Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive (Beacon Adhesives)
  • Medium brown embroidery floss
  • Sewing and embroidery needles
  • White thread
  • Straight pins
  • Pinking shears
  • Air-soluble marker
  • Iron and non-stick pressing cloth
  • Drill with 5/64” bit
  • Optional: Red ink pad.

Pattern - Angel Quilt Ornament

  • 1. Print and cut out patterns. Cut two pieces from iron-on adhesive slightly larger than angel body and arm. Follow manufacturer's instructions to fuse adhesive to wrong sides of solid blue (arm) and yellow stripe (body) fabrics. Trace patterns, reversed, onto paper side of adhesive-backed fabrics; cut out on traced lines.
  • 2. Cut two 3-1/2"x4-1/2" pieces from blue dot fabric and one same size piece from batting. Fuse body and arm to one blue dot rectangle as shown on pattern.
  • 3. Cut wing from batting and glue to angel. Use one strand floss to blanket stitch around outside edges of appliqués; embroider wings with stitch lines going over edge.
  • 4. Use air-soluble marker to transfer wand line to ornament front; use one strand floss to embroider chain stitch.
  • 5. If desired, blush angel's cheeks as follows: wipe small piece of paper towel over red ink pad, dab off excess on scrap paper, and rub on cheeks of 5/8" button head. Wrap yellow rickrack around top of head for hair; glue ends at back. Glue head to ornament front. Sew seed bead eyes inside button holes, using thread or floss.
  • 6. Baste batting to back of ornament front. Sew white rickrack around ornament front 1/4" from edge, beginning and ending in a top corner and sewing through center of trim. With right sides facing, sew ornament front to back along rickrack stitching, leaving 2" opening on one side for turning. Trim corners to eliminate bulk and turn ornament right side out. Fold in seam allowance and hand-sew opening closed.
  • 7. Drill one hole in each end of dowel, from top of rod to bottom. Insert hemp ends through holes; knot to secure.
  • 8. Use pinking shears to cut two 3" ribbon lengths. Wrap ribbon pieces over dowel and top 1/2" of ornament at each side. Use floss to sew pearl buttons over ribbon ends, knotting floss ends at front of buttons, and to sew star button to tip of wand.