Wool Felt Owl Tote

By  Mary Ayres 

size: 11"x11"


  • Wool felt: 3/8 yd.: dark brown; 1/8 yd.: sage green; charcoal grey; light brown; light gold; light orange
  • Buttons: black, 5/8”, two; brown, 1/2”, four


  • Black perle cotton, #8
  • Embroidery needle
  • Circle template

Pattern - Wool Felt Owl Tote

  • 1. For front and back of purse, cut two 11" squares from dark brown felt. Use Fig. 1 as guide to round corners.

    Fig. 1
  • 2. For eyes, cut two 3-1/2" circles from dark gold felt. Use pencil to draw 1-1/4" circle in center of felt circles. Sew a running stitch around drawn circles and pull thread tightly to gather. Knot thread to secure gathers.
  • 3. Print and cut out pattern. Cut beak from light orange felt. Cut the following felt strips: six 1-1/2"x3", two 1-1/2"x2", and 1"x4" from charcoal; four 1-1/2"x3" and two 1-1/2"x2-1/2" from sage green; three 2"x3" from light gold; two 2"x3" from light brown.
  • 4. Arrange eyes, beak and strips on front purse shape, using photo as placement guide. Pin 4" charcoal strip centered across top of purse shape. Pin light gold and brown strips overlapping 1" centered under beak. Pin charcoal grey and sage green strips overlapping 1" to sides of center strips with shorter strips at bottom.
  • 5. Blanket stitch across top edge of strip over eyes and top strips under beak. Sew running stitches 1/4" from top edges of strips that are overlapped. Stem stitch around beak close to edges. Sew black buttons to eye circles above beak.
  • 6. For feathers, cut slits in strips on purse shape, approximately 1/4" apart, up to stitching.
  • 7. For side of purse, cut 2"x31-3/4" strip from sage green felt. Pin one long edge of strip to sides and bottom of purse front. Blanket stitch over edges of felt to join them. Repeat for remaining long edge of strips and back of purse.
  • 8. For handles, cut two 2"x14" strips from charcoal felt. Fold strips in half lengthwise. Blanket stitch over cut edges of strips to join them. To attach handle to front and back of purse, sew brown buttons to ends of strips, 1" from top sides of purse.
  • Note
  • 1. Use one strand of perle cotton for all embroidery.