Traveling Tic-Tac-Toe Game

By  Becky Jorgensen  for  Patchwork Posse

sizes: game piece, 5"; game background, 17"x20"; storage bag, 12"x14" (excluding handles)


  • Fabrics: bag exterior, patterned, 1/3 yd.; bag interior, patterned, 1/3 yd.; game background, patterned fat quarters, two; orange, 15”x15”; yellow, 3/8 yd.; red, 3/8 yd.; gray, 3/8 yd.; muslin, 3/4 yd.
  • Felt or thin batting, 20”x21”
  • Ribbon, string or thin rope for drawstring, 2 yds.
  • Fairfield Poly Pellets


  • Sewing machine with coordinating thread
  • Sewing needle

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, pinking shears, fabric marker, iron and pressing surface, ruler

Pattern - Traveling Tic-Tac-Toe Game

  • Note
  • 1. Fabric reference is bag exterior (A), bag interior (B), and game background 1(C) and 2(D). Game background panels may be identical if desired.
  • Storage Bag
  • 1. Cut two 13"x15" panels from both Fabrics A and B.
  • 2. Place Fabric A panels with right sides together. On wrong side of Fabric A, mark 1" and 2" from top on each side. Machine stitch above 1" mark and below 2" mark to bottom of side. Repeat on other side. Cut 1-1/2" square from each bottom corner. Pinch corner together, matching up side seams. Sew closed. See Figure 1.

    Fig. 1
  • 3. Repeat Step 2 with Fabric B, leaving 3" opening on bottom for turning.
  • 4. Turn bag right side out. Slide bag into lining, matching up side seams. Sew across top.
  • 5. Pull right sides out through opening in lining. Iron top edge.
  • 6. Sew 1" and 2" from top edge.
  • 7. Cut drawstring into two 36" lengths. Thread one length through stitched channel to form loop; knot closed. Thread remaining length through channel from opposite side; knot closed. See Figure 2.

    Fig. 2
  • 8. Hand-sew opening in lining closed.
  • Game Pieces
  • 1. Print out pattern. Cut out circle template.
  • 2. Cut out circles: five yellow, five red, 10 gray, 20 muslin.
  • 3. Place two muslin circles together. Sew around edges with 1/2" seam, leaving 2" opening. Fill generously with pellets to add weight. Hand-sew opening closed.
  • 4. Sandwich stuffed circle between one colored and one gray circle. Sew around the circles with 1/4" seam, leaving edges raw.
  • 5. Sew second seam around circle.
  • 6. Repeat Steps 3-5 for all colored circles.
  • Playing Board
  • 1. Cut bull's eye fabrics: orange, 14"x15"; yellow, 8-1/2" square; red, 4" square.
  • 2. Fold orange panel in half twice to form square. Hand-cut rounded corners. Repeat with yellow and red panels.
  • 3. Using main photo as guide, lay panels as shown on right side of Fabric C; pin in place. Sew panels 1/4" from edge to Fabric C, leaving edges raw. Set aside.
  • 4. Cut two 2"x18" and two 2"x15" strips from gray grid fabric. Lay strips as shown on right side of Fabric D. See Figure 3. Pin in place. Sew strips 1/4" from edge to Fabric D, leaving edges raw.

    Fig. 3
  • 5. Lay bull's eye panel on tic-tac-toe panel with right sides together. Pin layers to felt or batting.
  • 6. Machine-sew around outside edges, leaving 3" opening for turning. Clip corners, trim, and turn right side out. Iron.
  • 7. Machine-sew around outside twice, closing opening used for turning.
  • Tip
  • 1. Since raw edges will fray with use, apply a light coating of clear fingernail polish or anti-fray product to raw edges.