Fun Floral Pillow

By  Barbara E. Swanson 

Simple embroidery stitches add dimension and texture to this cheery pillow. Felt is very user-friendly, and the fun colors are sure to brighten any day.


  • Kunin Group Felt: Printzfelt 60’s Floral (Z09), 17”x15”, two; Rainbow Classicfelt 9”x12” Craft Cuts White (550), Coral Red (050), Candy Pink (020), Brilliant Blue (607), Neon Green (4H7), Orange (256)
  • DMC Embroidery Threads: Color Variations Wild Fire (4200), Mediterranean Sea (4022), Roaming Pastures (4050); White 6-strand Embroidery Floss
  • Fairfield Poly-Fil Fiberfill
  • Buttons, 5/8”, three


  • Sewing machine and matching thread
  • Embroidery needle

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler, straight pins, fabric marker
  • Size
  • 1. Size is 16"x14"
  • Fun Floral Pillow
  • 1. Print out full-size patterns. Cut out 8"x10" panel from White felt and 8-1/2"x10-1/2" panel from Brilliant Blue felt. Cut out leaves and flower centers as directed on patterns.
  • 2. Using fabric marker, transfer flower shape onto Coral Red, Candy Pink, and Orange felt.
  • 3. Pin flower center to middle of Coral Red flower shape. Using three strands of white floss, straight stitch 16 "spokes" to attach center to flower. Sew button to flower center.
  • 4. Using six strands of Mediterranean Sea floss, stitch double-wrap French knot near end of each "spoke". Carefully cut out flower shape along transfer lines.
  • 5. Repeat Steps 3-4 to complete Candy Pink and Orange flowers
  • 6. Using photo as guide, pin leaves and flowers to White felt panel. With three strands, stitch leaves to panel using running stitch with Roaming Pasture floss and blanket stitch flowers to panel with Wild Fire floss.
  • 7. With right sides facing up, center white felt panel over blue felt panel; pin in place. Using three strands of White floss, blanket stitch white panel to blue panel.
  • 8. With right sides facing up, center embroidered panel on printed felt panel; pin in place. Using three strands of Mediterranean Sea floss, blanket stitch around edge of embroidered panel to attach.
  • 9. Pin pillow front to pillow back with right sides facing. Stitch 1/2" seam around edges, leaving opening for turning. Trim corners and turn right side out. Stuff pillow with fiberfill to desired firmness; hand-sew opening closed.
  • Tip
  • 1. Embellishing the felt flowers before cutting them out eliminates the possibility of distorting their shape.