Felt Mini Clutches

By  Debra Quartermain  for  Kunin Felt

size: approx. 12"x8"


  • Kunin Classicfelt, 9”x12”: Candy Pink, Neon Green, Aqua; Legacy Black with White Flocking Fancifelt, 18”x36”; Paisley Printzfelt, 18”x36”
  • Buttons: black, 1/2”; green, 1”; aqua, 2”
  • Pin backs, two
  • Ribbon, 3/8”-wide, 2/3 yd. each: aqua, green


  • Adhesives: Beacon Adhesives Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive; hook and loop closures, two

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler, straight pins, pencil, needle and thread (optional)

Project Instructions

  • 1. Cut 12"x36" panel from both paisley and scroll felt pieces. With right sides out, fold each felt panel in half; adhere edges. (Note: Double-ply purse panels will measure 12"x18".)
  • 2. For scroll purse, cut 12"x1" pink strip. Finger-fold strip in half, with right sides out, with long sides together. Open strip; wrap around one 12" edge of purse panel. Adhere strip to panel; set aside.
  • 3. For paisley purse, repeat Step 2 using strip of green felt. Cut one 20" length of each ribbon. Wrap ribbon around 18" side of purse panels; adhere.
  • 4. With piped edge at bottom (and ribboned edge of paisley purse facing away), measure 6-1/2" from bottom. Fold at mark, bringing piped edge up. Finger press. See Photo 1. Adhere short sides, leaving piped edge open. Measure 4" from top edge. Fold at mark, bringing top edge down over piped edge. Finger press.
  • 5. Adhere or hand-sew hook and loop closures inside purse flap.
  • 6. To make flowers, cut 12"x2" strips from felt: two pink, one aqua, one green. Fold strips in half, long sides together. Cut evenly spaced slits in folded edge, leaving 1/4" uncut on open side. See Photo 2. Repeat until all strips are cut. Keeping pink strips folded, roll one strip on itself in spiral, adhering along uncut edges. Continue with second strip to finish flower. Adhere or hand sew pin back to flower. Repeat for second flower, using aqua then green strips.
  • 7. Pin flowers to top purse flaps. Adhere green button to aqua button; adhere to purse. Adhere black button to pink flower center.