Bright Prints Garden Quilt

By  Holly Daniels 

size: 58"x58"


  • Cotton print fabrics, 1/4 yd. each: red, yellow, blue, purple; white, 1-1/4 yds.; red solid, 1-1/2 yds.
  • Backing fabric, 64”x64”
  • The Warm Co. Warm and Natural Soft and Bright Batting, 64”x64”


  • Sewing machine and matching thread
  • Rotary cutter, ruler, and self-healing cutting mat

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, straight pins, iron and pressing surface
  • 1. Make green and white four-patch blocks. Cut four 3"x39" strips each from white and green fabrics. Cut one 3"x36" strip each from white and green fabrics. Machine-sew one white and one green strip together in pairs to form five strip sets. See Figure 1. Cut each strip set at 3" intervals to make total of 64 white and green units. Sew two units together to make four-patch unit. Repeat to make total of 32 four-patches. See Figure 2.

    Fig. 1

    Fig. 2
  • 2. Make "L" blocks (eight each of four colors). Cut two 3"x34" red print strips. Cut each strip into four 3" squares and four 3"x5-1/2" rectangles. See Figure 3. Repeat with blue, yellow, and purple prints. Cut two 3"x39" and one 3"x18" white strips. Cut at 3" intervals to make thirty-two 3" squares. Sew one white 3" square to each colored 3" square. Press seams to colored side. Sew one matching 5-1/2" rectangle to each two-square unit; press seams toward rectangle.

    Fig. 3
  • 3. Arrange two "L" squares and two four-patch units to make one block. See Figure 4. (Note: You will have four each of following combinations, red/yellow, red/blue, purple/yellow, and purple/blue.) Sew units together in pairs; sew pairs together to make blocks. Press.

    Fig. 4
  • 4. For sashing strips, cut five 3"x39-1/2" white strips. Cut each strip into three 10-1/2" and one 8" segment. Cut one 3"x34-1/2" white strip. Cut strip into one 10 1/2" segment and three 8" segments. (Note: You will have sixteen 10-1/2" strips and eight 8" strips.) Cut 3"x24" green strip. Cut strip at 3" intervals to make eight 3" squares. Sew one green square to short side of each 8" white strip. Press seam towards green.
  • 5. Arrange blocks and sashing strips as shown in Layout Diagram. Sew together in rows; sew rows together to make top.
  • 6. For borders, cut two 5-1/2"x40-1/2" and two 5-1/2"x8-1/2" red strips. Sew one long and one short strip together on short ends; press seams to one side. Repeat with remaining strips. Sew one strip to each side of quilt top; press seams toward border. Cut two 5-1/2"x40-1/2" and two 5-1/2"x18-1/2" red strips. Sew one short and one long strip together as above; sew strips to top and bottom edges of quilt top.
  • 7. Layer quilt backing (with right side down), batting, and quilt top (with right side up). Pin or baste to secure layers. Quilt as desired. (Note: Sample was quilted in all-over loop and circle pattern.) Trim to straighten edges.
  • 8. For binding, cut six 2-1/2"x42" red strips. Sew strips together on short edges to make one long strip; press seams on one side. Fold strip in half lengthwise (enclosing wrong side) to make 1-1/4"-wide strip. Sew binding strip to front of quilt top; turn to back and sew to enclose raw edges. Discard excess binding.