Birds of a Feather

By  Candie Cooper  for  The Dow Chemical Co.


  • STYROFOAM* brand foam egg (Dow), 1-7/8”x2-1/2”
  • Wool roving: fuchsia; turquoise; orange; accent color of choice for wings
  • Long feathers in desired colors
  • Beads: color of choice seed or 4mm faceted glass (wing accents); black or blue (eyes), 4mm, two


  • Straight pins
  • Sewing thread to match wool
  • Felting needle, 38g
  • Multi-needle felting tool
  • Large brush needle felting mat
  • Wire cutters
  • Round-nose pliers
  • 1. Place tail of roving at one end of egg and use felting needle tool to push into egg in repeated poking motion. Spiral wool around the top and sides, needle felting as you work. Continue felting until egg is evenly covered.
  • 2. Position egg so tapered end is at bottom right and wide end to upper left. Feathers will be placed at tapered end and head at wide end. Tear off tuft of accent colored wool and needle felt to breast area of bird in an oval shape.
  • 3. Lay a 5"-6" strip of roving on mat and roll into loose ball shape. Use 38g needle to poke at ball shape in all different directions. If head is too small. Add more wool. Repeats poking with felting needle decreases ball size. Use 38 g. needle to attach head above breast area. Blend where head meets body by tearing off a sliver of wool and wrapping it around "neck". Use 38 g. needle to secure wool to head and body. Needle felt tufts of wool where needed.
  • 4. Tear off another 5"-6" piece of wool and wrap it around your two fingers to make a wide ring/tube shape. Slide ring off and position on narrow end of egg. Attach tube shape to end of egg with felting needle. Continue needle felting tube shape especially at end for a tapered shape.
  • 5. Make a sheet of felt for wings by laying two strips of roving side by side horizontally on needle felting brush mat. Lay two or three more pieces side by side vertically on top of first layer. Place two more strips horizontally on top of last layer. Use multi-needle felting tool to poke through all layers into brush mat. Pull piece form mat frequently so it does not get too attached. Stop when all layers are bonded.
  • 6. Pin wing pattern to felt sheet; cut out. Turn pattern over and repeat for second wing. Decorate wing with accent color wool by twisting it and needle felting to wing. Sew beads to wing. Use felting needle to attach top of wing just behind breast. Repeat for opposite wing.
  • 7. Make a small sheet of felt with orange roving in same way as wing. Cut a diamond shape from felt and fold in half. Push a pin through fold on inside of bead and add a drop of glue to pin. Position beak in bird's head.
  • 8. For eyes, string black or blue beads onto straight pin, add drop of glue to pin and glue to either side of head.
  • 9. Cut an opening in middle of tapered tail section. Bundle feather, apply glue to ends and insert in opening. (Note: Clip a clothes pin over top of tail to secure while drying.)