Vintage Needle-Felted Centerpiece

By  Rebekah Meier  for  The Dow Chemical Co.

size: 10" tall


  • STYROFOAM Brand Foam (Dow): block, 4”x4”x4”; ball, 3-1/2”
  • Black star decorative paper, 12”x12”
  • Cardstock: orange; cream
  • Orange wool roving
  • Black wool felt
  • Image Emporium Downloadable Images*: Halloween I (#IE308); Halloween IV (#IE162) (The Vintage Workshop)
  • Ribbon, 1-1/2”, 1 yd.: gold organza; black satin
  • Decorative tinsel


  • Needle Felting Tool or Needle Felting Needles (Clover)
  • Stickles Diamond Glitter Glue (Ranger)
  • Scallop-edge scissors
  • Zip Dry Paper Glue (Beacon Adhesives)
  • Computer and color printer

Pattern - Vintage Needle-Felted Centerpiece

  • 1. Cut 4"x12" strips from decorative paper. Wrap and glue paper strips around STYROFOAM block, covering completely.
  • 2. Needle felt orange wool roving onto STYROFOAM ball. Apply glue to toothpick end; insert in needle felted ball. Apply glue to remaining toothpick end; insert in center top of paper-covered block.
  • 3. Download and print Halloween image; cut out and mat on orange cardstock, leaving a 1/4" border. Trim edges with scallop-edge scissors. Adhere Halloween image to front of paper-covered block.
  • 4. For hat, cut 2-1/2"x9" strip and 3" circle from black wool felt. Roll strip into a cylinder shape; glue ends to secure. Adhere circle to bottom of cylinder. Place small square onto top of hat; trim even with hat; glue. Glue hat to head.
  • 5. Print and cut out patterns. Cut shapes from black wool felt and glue to face.
  • 6. For collar, sew gathering stitches along ribbon edges; pull threads to gather and glue around neck.
  • 7. Use Stickles™ to apply accents to Halloween image.
  • Needle Felting on STYROFOAM
  • 1. Needle felting is quick and easy. It requires a special felting needle that has extremely sharp barbs along the needle. The higher the needle number, the finer the needle, which leaves a smaller hole in the design.
  • 2. Place wool roving onto STYROFOAM. When needle is pushed into STYROFOAM, the barbs pull the wool roving locking them together in place. As a result, no glue is needed.