Skull & Crossbones Tote

By  Mary Ayres 

size: 14"x14"


  • Fuchsia lightweight cotton fabric, 7”x8”
  • Coordinating stripe heavyweight cotton fabric, 7/8 yd.
  • Silver round sequins, 8mm, 34
  • Silver glass E beads, 6/0, 34


  • Bright blue embroidery floss
  • Iron-on adhesive for appliqué
  • Optional: Zipper, 14”
  • Bead and sewing thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Embroidery needle
  • Iron and pressing board

Pattern - Skull & Crossbones Tote

  • 1. Print and cut out pattern. Cut piece from iron-on adhesive slightly larger than pattern. Follow manufacturer's instructions to fuse adhesive to back of fabric. Cut design from adhesive backed fabric. Remove backing.
  • 2. For bag front and back, cut two 15" squares from stripe fabric. Adhere skull and crossbones to front of 15" square, 3/12" from bottom and 2" from right side of bag.
  • 3. Use two strands of floss to stem stitch around design. Transfer dots around skull and crossbones to fabric square. Use bead thread to sew bead and sequin to each dot. To do this, insert needle through fabric at dot, then through hole in sequin, then bead, then back through sequin and fabric. Knot thread on back side of fabric. (Note: Do not iron on top of sequins or they will melt.)
  • 4. With right sides facing and using 1/2" seams, sew bag front to back along sides and bottom. Machine sew zigzag stitch over raw edges of seams to prevent unraveling.
  • 5. Flatten one bag corner to create triangular point, aligning side seam with bottom corner seam. Mark 3" line perpendicular to seam 1-1/2" from point with pencil (Fig. 1). Stitch along line. Trim triangle at corner, 1/2" from stitching. Machine sew zigzag stitch along seam edges. Repeat for remaining corner.

    Fig. 1
  • 6. Turn top of bag over 1/2" to inside. If desired, hand sew zipper to top of bag 1/2" from edge. For bag that doesn't zip, turn top of bag over 1/4", then over 1/4" again. Sew around top of bag close to turned edge.
  • 7. For handle, cut 6"x27" strip from stripe fabric. Press 1/2" of short strip ends toward wrong side. Press strip in half lengthwise with wrong side facing in. Open strip. Press long edges of strip in toward center fold. Fold strips in half again with raw edges on inside and right side facing out (folded strip is 1-1/2"x26"). Sew close to folded edges.
  • 8. Sew handle ends securely to top sides of bag.