Rustic Burlap Pumpkins

Stylish fall decorations you can keep out all season long
By  Craft Marketing Connections, Inc. 

sizes: large, 10"; medium, 8"; small, 6"


  • FloraCraft Make It: Fun Foam Balls, one each: 6”, 8”, 10”
  • FloraCraft Design It: SimpleStyle Burlap: Natural Garland, 5”-wide, 4-1/2 yds.; Cream Wired Ribbon, 2-1/2”-wide, 5-1/2 yds.; Natural Garland Black Chevron Print, 5”-wide, 1-1/2 yds.
  • Sticks, 4” long: 1”, 1-1/2”, and 2” diameters


  • FloraCraft: Make It: Fun Foam Cutter, Design It Floral Shears
  • Hand saw
  • Glue gun and sticks

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler

Project Instructions

  • 1. Cut 5-1/2"-diameter circle from top and bottom of 10" foam ball. To create pumpkin shape, scoop out 2"-deep area on top; smooth edges with foam cutter. In center of top, carve out 1"x1" hole for stem. Set aside.
  • 2. Repeat process for remaining foam balls, cutting 4-1/2" diameter circles from 8" ball and 3-1/2" diameter circles from 6" ball. Set aside.
  • 3. Cut ten 15" lengths of natural garland. Fold in half lengthwise and cut again to make twenty 2-1/2"x15" strips. On each strip, gently pull off two or three strings along one long side to make 1/4" frayed edge.
  • 4. Using photo as reference, plan burlap pattern for pumpkins. (Note: Burlap strips have one frayed edge that shows while unfrayed edge is covered by succeeding strip.) Consider which direction to work while wrapping pumpkin and practice before adhering.
  • 5. Apply hot glue to one end of burlap strip; adhere to top center of 10" ball just outside stem hole. Wrap strip around to bottom, applying light tension to burlap strip so frayed edge ruffles. Adhere bottom center using glue gun; trim if necessary. Repeat with next strip, overlapping heavily at top and bottom while only overlapping half of strip on side. Continue, working around pumpkin to beginning strip. Before adhering last length, tuck strip under beginning strip to keep overlapped pattern.
  • 6. Cut fourteen 13" lengths of creame ribbon; cut off both wire edges. Fray only one long edge on each strip as in Step 3. Repeat Step 5 to wrap 8" ball.
  • 7. Cut five 5"x9" strips of chevron burlap. Fold in half lengthwise and cut again to make ten 2-1/2"x9" strips; fray edges as before. Repeat Step 5 to wrap 6" ball, matching edges of chevron print as much as possible.
  • 8. For stems, cut sticks to desired lengths, trimming from raw edge and leaving other end as natural as possible using hand saw. Insert raw end into stem holes at top of pumpkins; hot glue in place. For leaves, cut 2"-3" squares from remaining burlap. Fray edges, pinch on one end, and hot glue points into stem holes.


For a different look, add rich wool felt leaves in deep brown and green hues. Embellish with floss or beads for added charm.