No-Sew Sock Monster Puppets

By  Mary Ayres 

size: 16" long


  • Men’s or boy’s white tube socks, one per monster
  • Furry yarn: lime; orange
  • Felt: lime; fuchsia
  • Wiggle eyes, 24mm, two per monster
  • Rhinestones, 7mm, two each: yellow; pink
  • Grosgrain ribbon: yellow; blue
  • Fluorescent threads: orange; lime
  • Tulip Cool Color Spray: Caribbean Blue; Hot Pink; Petunia; Lime; Coral Red (Duncan)


  • Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue (Duncan)
  • Cardboard
  • Blue & White Stripe Monster
  • 1. Lay sock flat on covered work surface. Place cardboard over sock, leaving 3" at toe end showing. Spray sock Coral Red. Turn sock over and repeat. Let dry. (Note: Red end of sock is inner mouth and lips.)
  • 2. Lay sock flat on covered work surface. Place cardboard over red sock end. For stripes, make accordion folds in sock and spray Caribbean Blue. Let dry.
  • 3. Turn sock over. Place cardboard over red sock end. Spray sock Hot Pink. Let dry.
  • 4. For mouth, push red sock end up into remainder of sock for mouth. For tongue, glue 4-1/2" yellow ribbon length end inside mouth.
  • 5. For nose, glue two yellow rhinestones above mouth. Glue eyes above nostrils.
  • 6. For eyelids, cut 1-1/2" fuchsia felt circle; cut in half. Glue halves above eyes with rounded ends at top.
  • 7. For each set of whiskers, tie knot in six 6" thread strands. Make two. Glue knots to sides of face above nostrils.
  • 8. For hair, cut as many 8" yarn strands as desired. Stack strands in bundle. Tie separate strand tightly around center of bundle. Glue hair to monster. Trim as needed.
  • Purple Monster Puppet
  • 1. Follow same basic instructions from Blue & White Stripe Monster Puppet, spraying striped side Lime (under monster), and top Petunia. Use blue ribbon, pink rhinestones, lime threads and felt, and orange yarn for embellishments.
  • Note
  • 1. Follow spray paint manufacturer's instructions throughout.