Hyacinth Journal

By  Linda Wyszynski 

size: 5"x8-1/4"


  • Needles: beading, #10; chenille, #22; embroidery, #8
  • Beacon Adhesives Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive

Basic Supplies

  • tissue paper, toothpicks, scissors

Pattern - Hyacinth Journal

Project Instructions

  • 1. Note: Use knot to begin all stitching except silk ribbon; secure silk ribbon in eye of needle. End all stitching on back side by running stitches under previously-placed stitches and knotting off.
  • 2. Print out pattern. Trace pattern onto tissue paper.
  • 3. Baste stabilizer to cotton fabric along outer edge using brown sewing thread. Center and baste pattern to fabric, using green sewing thread for leaves and stems and periwinkle for triangles. Gently tear away tissue paper when basting is in place.
  • 4. Work six outside leaves in split stitch using Olive Leaf ribbon in chenille needle. Begin stitching next to flower stems, working outward on each side. Center stitches over traced lines.
  • 5. Split stitch three flower stems using Grass Green ribbon in chenille needle. Begin with center flower stem coming up between leaves. Using photo as reference, let silk of leaves surround base of stem. Use slightly longer stitches for these stems. Work remaining two stems in same manner.
  • 6. Stitch seed beads in place with single bead attachment using double strand of beading thread in beading needle. Work from bottom area of triangle to top. Using photo as guide, turn some beads at angle to create flower-like appearance.
  • 7. Trim fabric into square shape within 1/4" of worked design. If necessary, trim stabilizer so it does not show on outer edge.
  • 8. Cut green cardstock 1/4" larger on all sides than cotton fabric. Place small amount of fabric glue on back side of stabilizer on silk work only. Place tiny drop of fabric glue in each corner of stabilizer. Center work over cardstock and press in place; let dry thoroughly.
  • 9. Cut two 22" lengths of Trio thread. Starting at bottom center of fabric block and leaving tail, place both strands side by side to cover edge of fabric. Tack in place using two strands of brown sewing thread in embroidery needle. Bring needle up through fabric, across Trio, and down into paper. (Note: Paper is not forgiving like fabric; once needle is pushed through paper, the stitch must remain.) Keep stitches close to edge of Trio. Angle stitch out over corners. Upon returning to starting point, cross Trio ends over each other, securing with two or three tacking stitches on top of each other. Tie off sewing thread on back side.
  • 10. Tie Trio thread ends in very small tight knot; trim to desired length and fringe out ends.
  • 11. Apply fabric glue to back of cardstock using toothpick. Adhere paper in center of journal cover.