Homespun Christmas Stockings

By  Mary Ayres 

size: 14" long


  • Men’s wool or hiking socks, three (or number desired)
  • Wool felt: light brown; sage green; ivory or white
  • Baby rickrack: yellow; blue; ivory or white
  • Jumbo red rickrack, 15” length
  • Round black beads, 6/0, 10
  • Vintage buttons, three each: off-white, 3/4”; assorted colors, 7/16”


  • Embroidery threads: black pearl cotton; red floss
  • Embroidery needle
  • Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive (Beacon Adhesives)

Pattern - Homespun Christmas Stockings

  • 1. Wet wool felt with water and dry in dryer to create an aged look. Print and cut out patterns. Cut snowman from ivory felt, gingerbread from light brown felt, and tree from sage green felt.
  • 2. To embellish snowman, tie blue rickrack around neck for scarf; trim ends to 1" long. Wrap ivory rickrack around gingerbread's arms and legs; glue ends at back. Wrap yellow rickrack around tree; glue ends at back.
  • 3. Use small amount of fabric glue to glue felt shape to top of stocking; this will hold shape in place during embroidery. Use one strand pearl cotton to embroider blanket stitch around shape. Use three strands red floss to embroider blanket stitch over rickrack, inserting stitches between curves of rickrack.
  • 4. Use one strand pearl cotton to sew black bead eyes and buttons to snowman and gingerbread as indicated on patterns. Sew 7/16" buttons to tree at pattern dots.
  • 5. For hangers, cut 5" length from red rickrack. Fold rickrack in half and sew ends, and 3/4" button, to top left side of stocking using pearl cotton.