Denim Belt

By  Mary Ayres 

size: 36" long


  • Denim pant leg
  • Tortoise slide buckle with round edges, 2-1/4”x2-1/4” (SQR129) (Les’ Bon Ribbon)


  • Sewing machine and matching thread
  • Safety pin
  • 1. Cut 3-1/2"x38" denim strip. (Note: Belt will measure 36" long when finished. Use longer piece for longer belt.) Use Fig. 1 as guide to trim one end of strip.

    Fig. 1
  • 2. Turn "V" shaped edges of strip over 1/4" to wrong side. Sew close to turned edges.
  • 3. Fold and pin fabric strip in half lengthwise with right side facing in. Sew 1/4" from raw edges.
  • 4. Attach safety pin to one corner of strip and pull pin through strip to turn belt right side out. Press belt flat with seam centered on one side.
  • 5. Wrap raw end of belt around center of buckle (front side of belt should show on front side of buckle). Turn raw edge under 1/4" and sew turned edge to wrong side of belt close to buckle to secure.