Country Garden Flowerpot

By  Barbara Greve 

size: 6" tall


  • Clay pot, 6” tall
  • Hemp
  • Recycled rattan or straw woven placemat
  • Pink gingham fabric
  • Paper raffia: light pink; yellow; light green


  • Ceramcoat Acrylic Paints*: Lisa Pink; Magenta; Old Parchment; White
  • Paint & Toss Pouncers*
  • Flat paintbrush, 3/4”
  • Black fine-tip permanent marker
  • Large eye embroidery needle
  • Sobo Glue*
  • Sewing machine and off-white thread
  • Iron and pressing board
  • *Products by Delta Creative
  • 1. Mix equal parts Magenta with Lisa Pink; Paint inside of pot and rim. Mix equal parts Old Parchment with White; paint pot sides. Fill pouncer with Old Parchment and White mix; pounce random circles on rim and around pot. Let dry and draw stitch lines around inside and outside of circles and on top and bottom of rim. Set aside.
  • 2. Cut 3-1/2"x3-3/4" rectangle from woven placemat. Cut two 1"x3-1/2" and two 1"x3-3/4" strips from fabric; press in half lengthwise. Machine sew or glue two 3-3/4" strips over sides of woven rectangle. Push sides into fabric strips so edge is along inside crease and sew along outer and inner edge, 1/16" from outside. Sew or glue remaining strips on top and bottom in same way.
  • 3. If using paper raffia that unravels into wider strips, unravel strips before embroidering. If using single strip raffia, make several stitches to add dimension. Make stitches through the holes that form where the woven strips meet in the placemat. Using light pink raffia, start from center, 2" from top and whip stitch six 1-1/4"-long petals through center and outside points evenly spaced around flower. Use yellow raffia to make French knot in flower center. Use light green raffia to stitch stem from bottom center up behind bottom petal. Stitch 1-1/8"- long leaves on either side starting from bottom of stem. Glue loose raffia ends down on back of woven piece.
  • 4. Sew 25" hemp length to top left back of embroidered piece and 8" length to the right. Glue embroidered piece to front of pot. Wrap hemp around pot and tie bow on right side. Spot glue hemp in back to secure and trim ends.
  • More
  • 1. Try this raffia-embroidering technique on straw tote bags or hats.