Baby’s Stacking Toy

for  Camelot Fabrics

size: 11"x7"x7"


  • Camelot Fabrics Theodore & Izzy Quilting Cotton, fat quarters: Multi Ditsy Floral #1 (9140105), White Izzy the Bee #2 (9140103), White Theodore the Bear #1 (9140101); Turquoise Izzy the Bear #3 (9140103), 44” wide, 1/3 yd.
  • Fiberfill stuffing
  • Filler (such as flax seeds, dry rice, or beans)


  • Sewing machine and matching threads
  • Fabric marker

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, sewing needle, transparent tape, straight pins, iron and pressing surface

Pattern - Baby's Stacking Toy

  • Note
  • 1. Wash, dry, and iron fabric before beginning project. Unless noted otherwise, sew all seams using 1/4" seam allowance.
  • 1. Print out full-size patterns. Cut out pattern pieces; tape two halves of large ring together to create one pattern piece.
  • 2. On wrong side of fabric, trace and cut out patterns as indicated. (Note: Each ring piece is cut twice onto double layer of fabric for total of four small, four medium, and two large ring pieces. Shaded circles should be cut out and discarded.)
  • Pole
  • 1. For base, pin and machine-sew around two base pieces with right sides together, leaving small opening for turning. Clip corners; press seam open. Turn right side out through opening; fill 1/4 full with filler of choice.
  • 2. For pole, machine-sew long edges of pole together with right sides facing; press seam open.
  • 3. Hand-sew pole cap to top of pole with right sides facing. Turn pole right side out and stuff firmly with fiberfill stuffing.
  • 4. Set bottom of pole into hole in base; hand-sew in place.
  • Rings
  • 1. Pin each pair of rings together with right sides facing. Cut line from outer edge to inner edge. See Figure 1.

    Fig. 1
  • 2. Machine-sew each pair of rings together around both inner and outer circumferences, beginning and ending at cut line. Machine backstitch both ends of seam. See Figure 2. Clip inner seam allowance and press outer seams open. Fold and press 1/4" hem toward wrong side of fabric for each open end.

    Fig. 2
  • 3. Turn right side out and stuff firmly with fiberfill stuffing. Hand-sew each folded end closed.
  • Tip
  • 1. Check out Camelot Fabric's web site at camelotfabrics.com for a wide selection of playful prints. Substitute fabric design for baby boy or baby girl or to coordinate with baby's nursery room theme.